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Our photographic documentation of life in the JRM Lab.
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Each image below links to a different set of "thumbnail" photos.

  Deconstructing Cryebis  
  Deconstructing Cryebis
November 2022
Griffith Award New lab roof Preparing for FLAME
Griffith Award
April 2022
New Lab Roof
November 2021
FLAME Preparation
Spring 2020
Campus Sidewalk Rehab Cardwell Hall Roofing Campus Parking
Sidewalk Rehab
Summer 2018
Cardwell Hall Roofing
Summer 2018
Campus Parking
Summer 2018
Cardwell Electrical Power 2017 EPSCoR Mike Wells Retires
Cardwell Hall Power
Summer 2018
EPSCoR Symposium
March 2017
Mike Wells Retires
May 2015
HITS Laser Installed Bob Krause Retires Tandem Beam Tube Changing
HITS Laser Arrives
Feb 2014
Bob Krause Retires
Oct 2012
Tube Change
Sep 2012
Photo Survey of the Tandem Van de Graaff Lab Cleanup and Tandem Opening Distinguished Professor Itzik Ben-Itzhak
Tandem Details
Sep 2012
Lab Cleanup
Sep 2012
Distinguished Professor Ben-Itzhak
Apr 2012
Remodeling the Lab Distinguished Professor Brett Esry Lew Cocke Retires
Lab Remodeling
Spring 2012
Distinguished Professor Esry
May 2011
Lew Cocke Retires
Spring 2011
Retiring the Linac Moving the LHe Fridge Attosecond MURI
Retiring the Linac
Fridge Move
Dec 2009
Attosecond MURI
Fall 2009
Attosecond 2009 Compressor Tandem
Attosecond Physics 2009
Jul 2009
Compressor Move
Apr 2009
Facilities Galleries
Oct 2008
Photo Photo Photo
June 2008
Kansas Light Source
April 2006
Metrology Labs - Part 2
December 2005
Photo Photo Photo
Metrology Labs
September 2005
Glowing Tandem Tubes
May 2005
Picopulse Tube Swap
April 2005
Photo Photo Photo
Pat's Retirement Party
February 2004
Dea's Retirement Party
February 2004
Tom's Retirement Party
May 2003
Photo Photo Photo
Lab Tour Update
May 2003
Laser & Quantum Optics Class
April 2002
Laser Lab Open House
November 2001
Photo Photo Photo
Laser Lab
Fall 2001
After Tandem Upgrade
May 2000
Before Tandem Upgrade
February 2000
Photo Photo Photo
Pre-Tandem Buncher
February 2000
Diode Ion Source
November 1999
JRM Beamlines
October 1999
Photo Photo Photo
Visiting Scientists
Summer 1999
APS Centennial
March 1999
Centennial Preparations
March 1999
Photo Photo Photo
May 1998
KSU Open House
April 1998
Grant Renewal Party
February 1998


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