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Our theoretical research groups and links to some of their recent research results.


Brett Esry's Group

Brett's group studies ultracold three-body collisions and intense laser-matter interactions.

  • Role of Nuclear Rotation in H2+ Dissociation by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    PhD dissertation of Fatima Anis.
  • Efimov Physics in Heteronuclear Four-Body Systems
    Yujun Wang, W. Blake Lain, Javier von Steche, B. D. Esry
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 073201 (2012)
CD Lin

CD Lin's Group

CD's group studies attosecond physics; theory of dynamic chemical imaging; retrieval of atomic and molecular structures from laser-generated electron spectra and high-order harmonics; general laser-atom and laser-molecule interactions; and quantum chaos in helium atoms.

  • Ultrafast Imaging: Laser Induced Electron Diffraction
    PhD dissertation of Junliang Xu.
  • Imaging ultrafast molecular dynamics with laser-induced electron diffraction
    Cosmin I. Blaga, Junliang Xu, Anthony D. DiChiara, Emily Sistrunk, Kaikai Zhang, Pierre Agostini, Terry A. Miller, Louis F. DiMauro, C. D. Lin
    Nature 483, 194 (2012)

Uwe Thumm's Group

Uwe's group is interested in modeling, theory, and numerical computation of interactions between electrons, ions, and intense laser light with atoms, molecules, clusters, and solid surfaces.

  • Quantum Dynamics in Laser-Assisted Collisions, Laser-Molecule Interactions, and Particle-Surface Scattering
    PhD dissertation of Thomas Niederhausen.
  • Time-resolved Coulomb-explosion imaging of nuclear wave-packet dynamics induced in diatomic molecules by intense few-cycle laser pulses
    I. A. Bocharova, A. S. Alnaser, U. Thumm, T. Niederhausen, D. Ray, C. L. Cocke, I. V. Litvinyuk
    Phys. Rev. A 83, 013417 (2011)

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