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Photos of the retirement of our superconducting linac.
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Our superconducting linac was built in the 1980s as part of an ambitious effort to expand the ion collision capabilities of the lab. With our new emphasis on photon-atom collisions, though, we have retired the linac. These galleries document the decommisioning and recycling of the various parts of the cryogenic, accelerator and beam-handling systems.

Each image below links to a different set of "thumbnail" photos, which are are CoolIris enabled.

  Empty Space Where the Linac Used to Be  
  Empty Nest
Mar 2010
Bidding the Linac Farewell LCM1 Removed and an Empty Shield Wall Moving LCMs Out Of The Lab
Moving Day
Feb 2010
LCM1 Removed
Feb 2010
Moving LCMs
Jan 2010
LCM2 Disassembly LCM3 Work Continues Opening LCM3
LCM2 Disassembly
Jan 2010
LCM3 Work
Jan 2010
Opening LCM3
Jan 2010
Rebuncher Removed LHe Refrigerator Move Compressor Moved
Rebuncher Removed
Jan 2010
LHe Plant Moved
Dec 2009
Compressor Moved
Apr 2009


Last updated on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010