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Femtosecond LAser for Multicolor Experiments (FLAME) .

See more photos of FLAME in our Photo Gallery.

FLAME, the Femtosecond LAser for Multicolor Experiments, is our newest laser system, acquired from Coherent in October 2020. It is effectively a turnkey system, composed of well-established laser components. FLAME is customized for several pump-probe experiments described in the proposal, where half of the beam is used to drive a wavelength-tunable OPA (with a current focus on the UV domain), and the other half is used for probing, either directly using the 800-nm output or driving an HHG-based source.

The specifications of FLAME are as follows:

  • Repetition rate: 3 KHz
  • Center wavelength: 805 nm
  • Pulse duration: 25 fs
  • Pulse energy: 5mJ total output, 2.5 mJ + 2.5 mJ split between internal directed to TOPAS and external.
  • OPA output: 1-10 ?J between 190 and 470 nm; 50-120 ?J between 480 and 740 nm; 50-350 ?J between 1200 and 2300 nm.

Last updated on Wednesday, 26-Apr-2023