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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Spring seminars will be hybrid: live in CW144/145 at 13:30; Zoom links to be e-mailed.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Cosmin Blaga.
See also and the APS Virtual AMO Seminar series.

Spring 2024
Date Speaker Topic
24 January
Meng Han
Circular polarization from strong-field physics to attosecond science
26 January
(Fri; 14:30)
Tran Trung Luu
Hong Kong
High-order harmonic generation and spectroscopy of condensed matter
31 January
Isaac Yuen
What does it take to observe electron motion in molecules?
07 February
Chii-Dong Lin
Post-Nobel award attosecond science -- my perspective
14 February
Yijue Ding
Simulation of photodissociation dynamics of halomethane mapped by Coulomb explosion imaging
21 February
Hung Hoang
Theoretical study of the effects of autoionizing resonances in XUV pump IR probe photoelectron spectrum of N2
28 February
Smita Ganguly
Ultrafast dynamics of molecules and clusters studied using synchrotron radiation
06 March
(No Seminar)
13 March
Spring Break (No Seminar)
20 March
(No Seminar)
27 March
Zane Phelps
Strained ring formation in Cyclopentadiene
03 April
Erfan Saydanzad
Strong-field ionization of plasmonic nanoparticles
10 April
Pavan Muddukrishna
Electron wavepacket dispersion and quasi-soliton formation in multiphoton ionization
17 April
Joshua Stallbaumer
Automatic inversion of Coulomb-explosion images of Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS)
24 April
Avijit Duley
Time-resolved Coulomb explosion imaging of UV-excited 1,2-dichloroethylene
01 May
Tu Thanh Nguyen
Laser-induced Coulomb explosion imaging of C4H8O isomers
18 June
(Tue; 13:30)
Ming-Chang Chen
Advancements in turn-key attosecond light sources and their application in probing spin dynamics

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