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Graduate research assistant (GRA) stipends and benefits.

Graduate Research Positions

Graduate students working in the AMO physics group in JRML are eligible to receive a GRA stipend paid by the laboratory, if they are working with one of the faculty members of the group. The normal route to a GRA position is that first year graduate students are offered a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) in the physics department (see physics web site). Graduate students are encouraged to seek a faculty advisor during the first year of graduate studies and to begin the GRA position in the following summer. It is possible for interested students, who are well advanced in the selection of their major advisor, to seek a partial GRA stipend in their second semester.

Stipends and Benefits

Our graduate stipends are competitive with those of other physics institutions. The cost of living in Manhattan is relatively low while the quality of life is very attractive.

The payment package also includes the payment of tuition for up to 6 hours per regular semester and up to 3 hours for the summer session. The technology fee associated with these registered hours is also paid.

The package pays the university share of the health insurance fee; however, there is also a student share of the health insurance fee which must be paid by the GRA. The insurance is optional.

The package pays the university benefit fee which includes workman's compensation insurance and state leave reserve assessment. This fee covers the costs of job related accidents.

The package pays an overhead fee which covers university services such as office space, building maintenance, library services, heating air conditioning etc.

This package is subject to change at the discretion of the Director of the AMOP program.

Further information on our graduate program is available from the Physics Department and the KSU Graduate School.

Last updated on Thursday, 29-Aug-2013