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Our experimental research groups and links to some of their recent research results.


Itzik Ben-Itzhak's Group

Itzik's group studies ionization and dissociation of molecules in intense laser fields.

  • Dissociation dynamics of molecular ions in ultrafast, intense laser fields: from diatomic to polyatomic molecules
    PhD disseration of Bethany Jochim.
  • Experimental study of laser-induced isomerization dynamics of specific C2H2 ions
    Bethany Jochim, M. Zohrabi, T. Severt, Ben Berry, K. J. Betsch, Peyman Feizollah, Jyoti Rajput, E. Wells, K. D. Carnes, I. Ben-Itzhak
    Phys. Rev. A 101, 013406 (2020)

Cosmin Blaga's Group

Cosmin's group seeks to understand the interaction of matter with intense, ultrafast laser pulses and to develop applications and novel technologies based on that science.

  • High-power few-cycle Cr:ZnSe mid-infrared source for attosecond soft x-ray physics
    Vyacheslav E. Leshchenko, Bradford K. Talbert, Yu Hang Lai, Sha Li, Yaguo Tang, Stephen J. Hageman, Greg Smith, Pierre Agostini, Louis F. DiMauro, Cosmin I. Blaga
    Optica 7, 981 (2020)
  • Diffractive Imaging of C60 Structural Deformations Induced by Intense Femtosecond Midinfrared Laser Fields
    Harald Fuest, Yu Hang Lai, Cosmin I. Blaga, Kazuma Suzuki, Junliang Xu, Philipp Rupp, Hui Li, Pawel Wnuk, Pierre Agostini, Kaoru Yamazaki, Manabu Kanno, Hirohiko Kono, Matthias F. Kling, Louis F. DiMauro
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 053002 (2019)

Brett DePaola's Group

Brett's group is using atoms in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) as the ultimate cold target for ion-atom collision studies. More recently Brett has taken up Brian Washburn's laser metrology students.

  • Interaction of a Finite Train of Short Optical Pulses with a Ladder System
    The PhD dissertation of Hyounguk Jang.
  • Model-free measurement of the excited-state fraction in a Rb85 magneto-optical trap
    G. Veshapidze, J.-Y. Bang, C. W. Fehrenbach, H. Nguyen, B. D. DePaola
    Phys. Rev. A 91, 053423 (2015)

Vinod Kumarappan's Group

Vinod's group is studying ultrafast processes in strong laser field aligned molecules.

  • Laser-induced rotational dynamics as a route to molecular frame measurements
    PhD dissertation of Varun Makhija.
  • Strong-field control of H3+ production from methanol dications: Selecting between local and extended formation mechanisms
    Naoki Iwamoto, Charles J. Schwartz, Bethany Jochim, Kanaka Raju P., Peyman Feizollah, J. L. Napierala, T. Severt, S. N. Tegegn, A. Solomon, S. Zhao, Huynh Lam, Tomthin Nganba Wangjam, V. Kumarappan, K. D. Carnes, I. Ben-Itzhak, E. Wells
    J. Chem. Phys. 152, 054302 (2020)

Daniel Rolles' Group

Daniel is interested in ultrafast dynamics, working with FELs and collaborating with Artem Rudenko. His most recent papers appear below.

  • Photoionization of the I 4d and valence orbitals of methyl iodide
    Ruaridh Forbes, Alberto De Fanis, Daniel Rolles, Stephen T Pratt, Ivan Powis, Nicholas A Besley, Aleksandar R Milosavljevic, Christophe Nicolas, John D Bozek, David M P Holland
    J. Phys. B 53, 155101 (2020)
  • Amplified spontaneous emission in the extreme ultraviolet by expanding xenon clusters
    Benediktovitch, Mercadier, Peyrusse, Przystawik, Laarmann, Langbehn, Bomme, Erk, Correa, Mossé, Rolles, Toleikis, Bucher, Bostedt, Sanchez-Gonzalez, Dobrodey, Blessenohl, Nelde, Müller, Rupp, Möller, Crespo López-Urrutia, Rohringer
    Phys. Rev. A 101, 063412 (2020)

Artem Rudenko's Group

Artem explores interaction of intense and short-pulsed radiation with matter. Artem closely collaborates with Daniel Rolles.

  • Molecular response to ultra-intense x-rays studied with ion and electron momentum imaging
    PhD dissertation of Xiang Li.
  • X-ray diffractive imaging of controlled gas-phase molecules: Toward imaging of dynamics in the molecular frame
    Kierspel, Morgan, Wiese, Mullins, Aquila, Barty, Bean, Boll, Boutet, Bucksbaum, Chapman, Christensen, Fry, Hunter, Koglin, Liang, Mariani, Natan, Robinson, Rolles, Rudenko, Schnorr, Stapelfeldt, Stern, Thøgersen, Yoon, Wang, Küpper
    J. Chem. Phys. 152, 084307 (2020)

Brian Washburn's Group

Brian is finding ways to use nonlinear fiber optics and ultrafast fiber lasers for optical metrology and atomic physics. Brian recently left for the NIST Time & Frequency Division, but his students continue the work under Brett DePaola.

  • Power scaling and mode quality of an acetylene mid-infrared hollow-core optical fiber gas laser
    PhD dissertation of Kushan Weerasinghe.
  • Fabrication and characterization of short acetylene-filled photonic microcells
    Sajed Hosseini-Zavareh, Ryan Luder, Manasadevi Thirugnanasambandam, H. W. Kushan Weerasinghe, Brian R. Washburn, Kristan L. Corwin
    Appl. Opt 58, 2809 (2019)

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