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Advanced searching options for the JRM Lab web site.

Advanced Search Options

From here you can search JRM, search all the web pages of the KSU Physics Department or launch a search of the entire Web (courtesy of Google).

If you're looking for a specific page within the JRM web site, you might want to browse the JRM web site map. We also have separate searchable databases of our conference abstracts, journal articles and our personnel.

Local Search

To do a local search of the JRM pages, simply enter words or phrases in the field below (e.g., ion, atom, dielectronic recombination, Richard) and then click the "Search" button.

JRM Search  

Google Search

You may also "Google" us. Click "Search JRM" below to search only the JRM pages; select "Search Physics" to search the entire Physics site, or choose "Search WWW" to search the World Wide Web. Enter your search keys, then click the "Search" button.

More detailed search instructions are available from Google.


Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is a new service that allows us to customize Google web searches to include or emphasize only particular sites. The search box below searches a variety of AMO physics journals, databases, labs and groups.

Last updated on Thursday, 08-Jan-2015