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How to get keys for entering the lab and resource areas.

Keys to the Lab

(Revised: May 2016)

Proximity Access Cards and Fobs - Click To Enlarge

Fig 1: Proximity Cards & Fobs

Main Entrance - Click To Enlarge

Fig 2: Main Entrance

Rear Entrance - Click To Enlarge

Fig 3: Rear Entrance

Obtaining Keys:

Using Electronic Keys:

Access to the lab itself is controlled using electronic proximity tokens, which may be either cards or fobs. The antennas that read these tokens are mounted on the wall near the main entrance to the lab, and on the back door of the "penthouse" on the lab roof. Simply hold your token in close proximity to the antenna to open the door lock.

There are also keypads associated with these antennas. The passcode is only available on a need-to-know basis.

Lost or Stolen Keys:

Lost or stolen keys need to be reported to Vince Needham, CW028/CW039. The old key will be invalidated and a new key issued.

Returning Keys:

When you leave Kansas State University, or will no longer be working in the JRM Lab, your key card needs to be returned. It can be given to Vince Needham, Charles Fehrenbach, or your research advisor.

Mechanical keys need to be returned to the campus key office per university policy.

Last updated on Monday, 16-May-2016