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Doctoral dissertations and Masters theses of JRM graduates.
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(All files are zip archives.)

Dustin Ursrey - PhD - 2024
Using parametric theories to understand carrier-envelope phase and multi-color processes
Acrobat (7.0 MB)

Lindsay Morris - PhD - 2023
Open-path dual-frequency comb spectroscopy of methane from livestock production
Acrobat (3.0 MB)

Farzaneh Ziaee - PhD - 2022
Imaging nuclear motion during the photofragmentation of halomethane
molecules triggered by ultraviolet light
Acrobat (20.7 MB)

Erfan Saydanzad - PhD - 2022
Strong-field and time-resolved photoemission from plasmonic nanoparticles
Acrobat (17.6 MB)

Travis Severt - PhD - 2021
Imaging light-induced molecular fragmentation dynamics
Acrobat (45.9 MB)

Shashank Pathak - PhD - 2021
Isomerization and fragmentation of polyatomic molecules
induced by ultraviolet and extreme UV light
Acrobat (13.1 MB)

Huynh Van Sa Lam - PhD - 2021
Molecular-frame measurements of light-induced processes
using rotational coherences driven by ultrafast laser pulses
Acrobat (55.7 MB)

Seyyed Javad Robatjazi - PhD - 2021
Ion-electron coincidence studies of femtosecond dynamics triggered by
extreme ultraviolet photoionization of atoms and molecules
Acrobat (32.6 MB)

Balram Kaderiya - PhD - 2021
Imaging photo-induced dynamics in halomethane molecules with
coincident ion momentum spectroscopy
Acrobat (30.8 MB)

Jianxiong (Jason) Li - PhD - 2020
Spatiotemporally resolved photoemission from plasmonic nanoparticles
Acrobat (9.4 MB)

Bethany Jochim - PhD - 2019
Dissociation dynamics of molecular ions in ultrafast, intense laser fields:
from diatomic to polyatomic molecules
Acrobat (19.9 MB)

Xiang Li - PhD - 2019
Molecular response to ultra-intense x-rays studied with ion
and electron momentum imaging
Acrobat (5.8 MB)

Kushan Weerasinghe - PhD - 2019
Power scaling and mode quality of an acetylene mid-infrared hollow-core optical
fiber gas laser
Acrobat (3.5 MB)

Adam Summers - PhD - 2019
Strong-field interactions in atoms and nanosystems: advances in fundamental
science and technological capabilities of ultrafast sources
Acrobat (125 MB)

Derrek Wilson - PhD - 2018
The scaling of strong field interactions with wavelength
Acrobat (30 MB)

Sajed Hosseini-Zavareh - MS - 2018
Acetylene-filled pressure broadened short photonic microcells
Acrobat (2.3 MB)

Peyman Feizollah - MS - 2018
Laser induced fragmentation: From dissociation of neutrals to three-body breakup
Acrobat (3.3 MB)

Benjamin Berry - PhD - 2018
Imaging laser-induced fragmentation of molecular beams, from positive
to negative molecules
Acrobat (10 MB)

Youliang Yu - PhD - 2018
Computationally exploring ultrafast molecular ionization
Acrobat (4.3 MB)

Jeffrey Powell - PhD - 2017
Strong-field driven dynamics of metal and dielectric nanoparticles
Acrobat (13 MB)

Neda Dadashzadeh - PhD - 2017
Improved performance of an optically pumped mid-infrared
acetylene-filled hollow-core fiber laser
Acrobat (3 MB)

Utuq Ablikim - PhD - 2017
Coulomb explosion imaging of polyatomic molecules after
photoionization with X-rays and strong laser fields
Acrobat (41 MB)

Hui Wei - PhD - 2017
Characterization and application of isolated attosecond pulses
Acrobat (2.9 MB)

Stefan Zigo - PhD - 2017
Photoionization of isomeric molecules: From the weak-field to the strong-field limit
Acrobat (5.1 MB)

Jan Troß - PhD - 2017
Complete photoionization measurements with high harmonic spectroscopy
(Granted by Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität)
Acrobat (5.1 MB)

Pratap Timilsina - MS - 2016
Development of an electron time of flight spectrometer for
ultrafast pulse characterization and ultrafast dynamics studies
Acrobat (2.5 MB)

Aihua Liu - PhD - 2015
Energy- and angle-resolved infrared-laser-assisted XUV single- and two-photon
double ionization of helium
Acrobat (33 MB)

Chenchen Wang - PhD - 2015
Optical frequency references in acetylene-filled hollow-core optical fiber
and photonic microcells
Acrobat (10 MB)

Mary Harner - MS - 2015
Characterization of the mid-infrared wavelength dependent loss in hollow core
photonic crystal fibers
Acrobat (1.0 MB)

Brandon Rigsbee - MS - 2015
Coherent control over strong-field dissociation of heteronuclear diatomic molecules
Acrobat (1.8 MB)

Shuo Zeng - PhD - 2015
Understanding diatomic molecular dynamics triggered by a few-cycle pulse
Acrobat (17 MB)

Utuq Ablikim - MS - 2015
Fragmentation of molecular ions in ultrafast laser pulses
Acrobat (17 MB)

Aram Vajdi - MS - 2015
Experimental study of strong field ionization and high harmonic generation in molecules
Acrobat (1.0 MB)

Turghun Matniyaz - MS - 2014
Free-space NPR mode locked erbrium doped fiber laser based frequency comb for
optical frequency measurement
Acrobat (3.1 MB)

Varun Makhija - PhD - 2014
Laser-induced rotational dynamics as a route to molecular frame measurements
Acrobat (8.5 MB)

Mohammad Zohrabi - PhD - 2014
Quantum control of molecular fragmentation in strong laser fields
Acrobat (30 MB)

Shun Wu - PhD - 2014
Direct fiber laser frequency comb stabilization via single tooth
saturated absorption spectroscopy in hollow-core fiber
Acrobat (9.2 MB)

Wei Cao - PhD - 2014
Pump-probe study of atoms and small molecules with laser driven high order harmonics
Acrobat (13 MB)

Rajesh Kadel - PhD - 2014
Laser dynamics of a mode-locked Thulium/Holmium fiber laser
in the solitonic and the stretched pulse regimes
Acrobat (3.6 MB)

Nora Kling - PhD - 2013
Controlling the dynamics of electrons and nuclei in ultrafast strong laser fields
Acrobat (9.6 MB)

Maia Magrakvelidze - PhD - 2013
Dissociation dynamics of diatomic molecules in intense fields
Acrobat (5.4 MB)

Xiaoming Ren - PhD - 2013
Laser-driven rotational dynamics of gas-phase molecules: control and applications
Acrobat (8.7 MB)

Hui Li - MS - 2013
Study on molecular photoionization in femtosecond laser field
Acrobat (4.3 MB)

Wes Erbsen - MS - 2013
Non-dissociative single-electron ionization of diatomic molecules
Acrobat (5.5 MB) Defense (Acrobat, 4.9 MB)

Bachana Lomsadze - PhD - 2012
Ionization in direct frequency comb spectroscopy
Acrobat (5.5 MB)

Andrew Jones - PhD - 2012
Realizing a mid-infrared optically pumped molecular
gas laser inside hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Acrobat (3.7 MB)

Cheng Jin - PhD - 2012
Theory of nonlinear propagation of high harmonics generated in a gaseous medium
Acrobat (22 MB)

Junliang Xu - PhD - 2012
Ultrafast imaging: laser induced electron diffraction
Acrobat (6.4 MB)

Sabih Khan - PhD - 2012
Generation of short and intense attosecond pulses
Acrobat (21 MB)

May Ebbeni - MS - 2012
Watt-class continuous wave Er3+/Yb3+ fiber amplifier
Acrobat (1.2 MB)

Bishwanath Gaire - PhD - 2011
Imaging of Slow Dissociation of the Laser Induced Fragmentation of Molecular Ions
Acrobat (2.4 MB)

Jinkang Lim - PhD - 2011
All-Fiber Frequency Comb Employing a Single Walled Carbon Nanotube
Saturable Absorber for Optical Frequency Metrology in Near Infrared
Acrobat (2.4 MB)

Yan Cheng - MS - 2011
Towards intense single attosecond pulse generation from a 400 nm driving laser
Acrobat (1.2 MB)

Hyounguk Jang - PhD - 2010
Interaction of a Finite Train of Short Optical Pulses with a Ladder System
Acrobat (1.8 MB)

Yujun Wang - PhD - 2010
Universal Efimov Physics in Three- and Four-Body Collisions
Acrobat (9.5 MB)

He Wang - PhD - 2010
From Few-Cycle Femtosecond Pulse to Single Attosecond Pulse -
Controlling and Tracking Electron Dynamics with Attosecond Precision
Acrobat (6.5 MB)

Steve Gilbertson - PhD - 2010
Double Optical Gating
Acrobat (23 MB)

Dipanwita Ray - PhD - 2010
Photo-electron Momentum Distribution and Electron Localization
Studies from Laser-Induced Atomic and Molecular Dissociations
Acrobat (7.4 MB)

Kevin Knabe - PhD - 2010
Using Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy on Acetylene-Filled
Hollow-Core Fibers for Absolute Frequency Measurements
Acrobat (2.9 MB) Powerpoint (6.5 MB)

Nora Johnson - MS - 2010
Kinematically Complete Studies of Collisions Between
Simple Molecular Ions and Neutral Gas Targets
Acrobat (2.9 MB)

Eric Schultz - MS - 2010
Quantum interference spectroscopy with Rubidium
Acrobat (720 kB)

Irina Bocharova - PhD - 2009
Laser Coulomb Explosion Imaging of Molecular Dynamics
Acrobat (2.3 MB)

Maia Magrakvelidze - MS - 2009
Nuclear Dynamics and Ionization of Diatomic Molecules in Intense Laser Fields
Acrobat (9.3 MB)

Fatima Anis - PhD - 2009
Role of Nuclear Rotation in H2+ Dissociation by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Acrobat (26 MB)

Ioannis Chatzakis - PhD - 2009
Ultrafast Dynamics of Electrons and Phonons in Graphitic Materials
Acrobat (4.5 MB)

Jianjun Hua - MS - 2009
Isotopic Effects in H2+ Dynamics in an Intense Laser Field
Acrobat (1.8 MB)

Eric Moon - PhD - 2008
Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabilization of Grating-Based Chirped-Pulse Amplifiers
Acrobat (160 kB)

Rajesh Thapa - PhD - 2008
Cr:Forsterite Laser Frequency Comb Stabilazation and Development
of Portable Frequency References Inside a Hollow Optical Fiber.
Acrobat (2.2 MB)

Max Sayler - PhD - 2008
Measurements of Ultrashort Intense Laser-induced
Fragmentation of Simple Molecular Ions
Acrobat (23 MB) Powerpoint (20 MB)

Marc Trachy - PhD - 2008
Photoassociative Ionization in Cold Rubidium
Acrobat (10 MB) Powerpoint (2.0 MB)

Mahendra Man Shakya - PhD - 2007
Generation of Intense High Harmonics
Acrobat (7.2 MB)

Chakra Man Maharjan - PhD - 2007
Momentum Imaging Studies of Electron and Ion dynamics in a Strong Laser Field
Acrobat (4.0 MB)

Thomas Niederhausen - PhD - 2007
Quantum Dynamics in Laser-Assisted Collisions, Laser-Molecule
Interactions, and Particle-Surface Scattering
Acrobat (17.6 MB)

Shambhu Ghimire - PhD - 2007
Study on Generation of Attosecond Pulse with Polarization Gating
Acrobat (1.8 MB)

Chris Nakamura - MS - 2006
Carrier-envelope Phase Stabilized Few-cycle Laser
Pulses from a Neon-filled Hollow-core Fiber Compressor
Acrobat (4.0 MB)

Mudessar Shah - PhD - 2006
Model-Independent Measurement of the Excited
Fraction in a Magneto-Optical Trap (MOT)
Acrobat (6.0 MB) PowerPoint (2.2 MB)

Zengxiu Zhao - PhD - 2005
Atomic and Molecular Dynamics in Ultrashort Intense Laser Fields
Acrobat (745 kB) PowerPoint (1 MB)

How Camp - PhD - 2005
Measurements of the Time Evolution of Coherent Excitation
Acrobat (43 MB) PowerPoint (28 MB)
How's is our very first all-electronic dissertation, and is a winner of an ETD Award from the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) for "exemplary" electronic theses! The zipped Acrobat file above contains the dissertation and supporting media; the PowerPoint show is a "pack-and-go" archive.

Rajesh Thapa - MS - 2005
Doppler-free Spectroscopy of Acetylene in Near Infrared
Spectral Region Inside Photonic Band Gap Fiber
Acrobat (770 kB)

Habib Aliabadi - PhD - 2004
High Resolution Zero Degree Auger Electron Spectroscopy of Doubly Excited
Helium-like Resonance States of Boron, Magnesium and Silicon
Word (1.4 MB) Postscript (1.1 MB) Acrobat (1.1 MB)

Timur Osipov - PhD - 2003
Experimental Study of Photo-electron Diffraction From
Two-Center Molecules by Means of the COLTRIMS Technique
Postscript (25 MB) Acrobat (19 MB)

Manolis Benis - PhD - 2003
A Novel, High-Efficiency Paracentric Hemispherical Spectrograph
For Zero-Degree Auger Projectile Spectroscopy
NB: Manolis was actually a student of Theo Zouros at Crete; his dissertation is
included here because of its particular association with, and interest to, us.
Postscript (5.4 MB) Acrobat (6.9 MB)

Mikhail Zamkov - PhD - 2003
Multielectron Processes In Ion-Atom Collisions
Postscript (1.2 MB) Acrobat (1.1 MB)

Hai Nguyen - PhD - 2003
Magneto-Optical Trap Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy
Postscript (5.4 MB) Acrobat (4.9 MB)

Teck Ghee Lee - PhD - 2003
Theoretical Investigations of Inelastic Processes in Slow to Fast Ion-Atom Collisions
Postscript (1.5 MB) Acrobat (1.1 MB)

Erge Edgü-Fry - PhD - 2003
Single Electron Capture and Ionization Involving Atomic (and Molecular)
H and He at Low to Intermediate Impact Energies
Postscript (2.4 MB) Acrobat (2.1 MB) PDF w/ PS Figures (14 MB) Powerpoint (5.4 MB)

Chris Verzani - PhD - 2003
Single and Double Electron Capture Cross Sections at Very Low Energies
Word (3.0 MB) Postscript (1.4 MB) Acrobat (483 kB) Powerpoint (2.4 MB)

Ingrid Reiser - PhD - 2002
Alignment Effects in Electron Capture from D2+ Molecular Ions
by Doubly Charged Particles
Postscript (5.0 MB) Acrobat (3.4 MB)

Ridvan Unal - PhD - 2001
Energy and Charge State Dependences of Transfer Ionization to
Single Capture Ratio for Fast Multiply Charged Ions on Helium
Word (15.1 MB) Postscript (24.2 MB) Acrobat (3.72 MB)

Eric Wells - PhD - 2000
Charge Transfer in Very Slow H+ + D(1s) Half Collisions
Word (3.63 MB) Postscript (8.25 MB) Acrobat (2.93 MB) Powerpoint (1.30 MB)

Allen Landers - PhD - 1999
Differential Measurements of Low Energy Electrons from Collisions Between
Fast Projectiles and Deuterium and Helium Targets
Postscript (5.66 MB) Acrobat (2.94 MB) Powerpoint (2.89 MB)

Chun-Yen Chen - PhD - 1998
Single Charge Exchange in Ion-Ion Collisions
Postscript (1.14 MB) Acrobat (1.36 MB)

Mohammad Abdallah - PhD - 1997
Single Ionization in Highly-Charged Ion-Atom Collisions at Low
to Intermediate Impact Velocities
Postscript (229 kB)
(missing figures)
Acrobat (430 kB) Powerpoint (573 kB)

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