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Cosmin Blaga

Cosmin Blaga

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Physics, 2009, Stony Brook University

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

Experimental AMO Physics; Ultrafast Laser Technologies

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The overarching goal of our efforts is to understand the interaction of matter with intense, ultrafast laser pulses and to develop applications and novel technologies based on the newfound science. We employ a three-pillar comprehensive strategy consisting in (i) development of novel ultrafast laser technologies that enable us to (ii) address and understand the fundamental scientific processes at play to (iii) design practical applications. In recent years, using parametric and chirped pulse amplification techniques the group has been pursuing the development of intense, tunable, few-cycle lasers operating at midinfrared wavelengths. Such lasers allow us to investigate the transition from multiphoton to strong field (tunneling) ionization of atoms and molecules, the role of vibrational resonances in strong field physics, laser-induced electron diffraction, photoelectron wave packet dynamics including the role of Coulomb focusing and laser-induced dipoles, highly nonsequential ionization and electron-electron correlations. We are also pursuing high-harmonic generation in solid media as a condensed-phase ultrafast spectroscopic tool and as a compact, extreme ultraviolet coherent source operating at wavelengths beyond the reach of conventional nonlinear crystals.

Recent Publications:

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