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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 144/145.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Mondays at 1600 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Daniel Rolles.

Fall 2016
Date Speaker Topic
16 August
(Tue; 13:30)
Vaibhav Prabhudesai
Tata Institute
Dynamics of excited states of molecular anions observed using anion momentum imaging
17 August
(Wed; 10:00)
Elizabeth Radu
William & Mary
Study of variations of the dynamics of the Insulator-metal transition of thin films of Vanadium Dioxide with an ultra-fast laser
23 August
(Tue; 13:30)
Joseph Murphy
SUNY Buffalo
Time-resolved spectroscopy of magnetic ZnTe/ZnSe QDs and CdSe/CdS nanoplatelets (CW119)
25 August
(Thu; 13:30)
Kyle Bowen
An introduction to nondipole effects in photoelectron angular distributions, with an emphasis on chiral molecules (CW119)
07 September
Chii-Dong Lin
Everything you want to know about Fano resonance, and more
14 September
Itzik Ben-Itzhak
Coincidence three-dimensional momentum imaging of sequential (delayed) and concerted (prompt) three-body fragmentation
21 September
Jeff Powell
Soft X-ray imaging of laser-driven gas-phase nanoparticles
28 September
Jan Tross
A self-referencing attosecond interferometer for the study of complex dipoles
05 October
Bethany Jochim
Three-dimensional momentum imaging of delayed dissociation of metastable molecular ions

Stefan Zigo
Strong-field ionization of isomeric molecules with near-infrared femtosecond laser pulses
12 October
Krupa Ramasesha
Probing condensed phase electron and vibrational dynamics using ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy
19 October
Jason Li
Retrieving plasmonic near-field information from streaked photoemission spectra of metallic nanospheres
20 October
(Thu; 13:30)
Yunfei Lin
Wayne State
A new three-dimensional (3D) particle coincidence imaging system and orbital alignment in photodissociation probed using strong field ionization
26 October
DOE-AMO PI Meeting (No Seminar)
02 November
Marcel Ngoko Djiokap
Electron vortices produced by elliptically polarized attosecond pulses
09 November
Huynh Lam
Angle-resolved strong field ionization from linear and asymmetric top molecules
16 November
(No Seminar)
23 November
Fall Break (No Seminar)
30 November
Balram Kaderiya
Triple-coincidence analysis of time-resolved coulomb explosion of diiodomethane

Javad Robatajazi
eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultra-fast Source (XUUS)
07 December
Marcelo Ambrosio
Time resolved photoemission from noble metal surfaces

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