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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 144.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Mondays at 1600 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Artem Rudenko.

Fall 2014
Date Speaker Topic
03 September
(Wed; 13:30)
Mohammad Zohrabi
Quantum control of molecular fragmentation in strong laser fields (PhD Defense)
10 September
Rajesh Kushawaha
From double-slit interference to structural information in simple hydrocarbons
16 September
(Tue; 16:30)
Varun Makhija
Laser-induced rotational dynamics as a route to molecular frame measurements (PhD Defense)
17 September
Jyoti Rajput
Orientation and alignment effects in ion-induced fragmentation of water molecules
24 September
Xu Wang
Selective single harmonic generation using waveform-synthesized chirped laser fields
01 October
Artem Rudenko
News from X-ray front: Imaging charge transfer and going to hard X-rays
08 October
Chao Yu
Retrieving 2-D molecular structure from laser induced electron diffraction

Hui Wei
Two-photon transition matrix element in attosecond pulse characterization
15 October
Cancelled (No Seminar)
22 October
Xiaoming Ren
Carrier-envelope-phase control of a 1kHz terawatt class laser
29 October
DOE-AMO PI Meeting (No Seminar)
05 November
Bethany Jochim
Channel competition in strong-field dissociation of CS+

Jianxiong Li
Attosecond time-resolved photoemission from Au nanospheres
12 November
Yubaraj Malakar
VUV-IR pump-probe experiment on dissociation dynamics of Oxygen molecule
19 November
Isaac Ghebregziabher
Compact, narrow-band and high-brightness laser-driven X-rays
26 November
Thanksgiving (No Seminar)
03 December
Adam Summers
Work towards resolving carrier dynamics in metallic nanosystems
10 December
Pratap Timilsina
Design of electron time of flight and semi-infinite gas cell for ultrafast pulse characterization
06 January
(Tue; 10:00)
Chenchen Wang
Acetylene frequency references in gas-filled hollow optical fiber and photonic microcells (PhD Defense)

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