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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Spring seminars will be hybrid: live in CW144/145 at 13:30; Zoom links to be e-mailed.
Instructions and logon for campus Zoom teleconferencing.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Cosmin Blaga.
See also the APS Virtual AMO Seminar series.

Spring 2022
Date Speaker Topic
02 February
Norio Takemoto
KSU (BE group)
Molecular orientation by an ultrashort THz pulse analyzed with total and net photon number pathways
09 February
(Wed; 10:00)
Farzaneh Ziaee
Imaging nuclear motion during the photofragmentation of halomethane molecules triggered by ultraviolet light (PhD Defense)
09 February
Hongyu Shi
KSU (UT Group)
Ab initio - calculated direct and shakeup streaked photoemission spectra for Helium
16 February
Keyu Chen
KSU (AR Group)
Dissociation dynamics of ethylene (C2H4) probed by time-resolved coincident ion momentum imaging

Abdul Rahman Abid
KSU (DR Group)
X-ray induced photo-fragmentation of bromocyclo-propane, -butane, and -pentane studied by coincidence spectroscopy
23 February
Chii-Dong Lin
Filming attosecond charge migration of single molecules with high-harmonic spectroscopy
02 March
Andrew Piper
Ohio State
The strong field simulator
09 March
Kevin Carnes
"What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been"
16 March
Spring Break (No Seminar)
23 March
Isaac Yuen
KSU (LG/CDL Groups)
Photoelectron circular dichroism signal in bond breaking of chiral molecule CHFClBr
30 March
(No Seminar)
06 April
Debobrata Rajak
Asymmetric electron re-scattering in strong-field ionization of chiral molecules
13 April
Lindsay Hutcherson
KSU (BW Group)
Physics in the field: Evolution of a field-deployed ultrafast optics lab
20 April
Yijue Ding
KSU (BE Group)
Photochemical reaction dynamics of diiodomethane induced by an intense UV pulse
27 April
(No Seminar)
04 May
Kurtis Borne
KSU (DR Group)
Ghost imaging approach to photoelectron spectroscopy with free-electron lasers
22 June
Horst Schmidt-Böcking
Unraveling of the Anomalous Zeeman effect- from Sommerfeld, Lande, Stern-Gerlach to Pauli

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