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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 144/145.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Mondays at 1615 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Loren Greenman.

Spring 2019
Date Speaker Topic
18 January
(Fri; 10:00)
Adam Summers
Strong-field interactions in atoms and nanosystems… (PhD Defense)
23 January
Ludger Inhester
Ionization dynamics of molecules triggered by ultra-intense hard X-rays
30 January
Two Colloquia (No Seminar)
06 February
Cheng Jin
Control of spectral structure and extension of cutoff energy in the high harmonic generation
13 February
Two Colloquia (No Seminar)
20 February
Two Colloquia (No Seminar)
26 February
(Tue; 14:30)
Michael Spanner
NRC Ottawa
Strong-field-induced vibronic coupling
06 March
Francisco Navarrete
Multi-channel contributions to High Harmonic Generation in solids
13 March
Spring Break (No Seminar)
20 March
Kurtis Borne
Probing the time-dependent structural dynamics of a prototypical carbon ring molecule, Cyclohexadiene
27 March
Director/Grad Student Meeting (No Seminar)
03 April
Jason Li
A semi-classical approach for solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in spatially inhomogeneous electromagnetic fields

Hongyu Shi
Ionization of single and two electron atoms
10 April
Christine Aikens
KSU Chemistry
Optical absorption and electron dynamics in noble metal nanoclusters
17 April
Erfan Saydanzad
Imaging of plasmonic fields near nanoparticles with nm spatial and sub-femtosecond temporal resolution
24 April
Cosmin Blaga
Above threshold ionization electron yield enhancements in the rescattering plateau region
01 May
Eric Wells
Strong-field control of H3+ formation in methanol and ethane
08 May
Farzaneh Ziaee
Internuclear-distance dependence of strong-field ionization of UV-dissociated halomethanes
05 June
Marcelo Ciappina
High-precision laser intensity calibration using tunneling ionization

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