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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 144.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Carlos Trallero.
See the draft Fall 2011 AMO seminar schedule.

Spring 2011
Date Speaker Topic
12 January
Sebastian Trippel
CFEL Hamburg
Toward reactions of ions with laser aligned molecules
19 January
No seminar
26 January
"Harry" Kun Zhao
Isolated attosecond pulse generation and characterization
31 January
Mon, 1400
Bishwanath Gaire
Imaging of slow dissociation of the laser induced fragmentation of molecular ions (PhD Defense, CW119)
02 February
Junliang Xu
Cheng Jin
Retrieval of nuclear dynamics after tunneling ionization
Propagation effects of high harmonic generation from a gaseous medium
04 February
Fri, 1500
Jinkang Lim
Carbon nanotube fiber laser frequency comb for optical frequency metrology (PhD Defense, CW119)
09 February
Antonio Picon
Optical coherent control of the vibrational motion in non-polar molecules * Canceled *
16 February
Chang-Hua Zhang
Dielectric response effects in streaking from metal surface
23 February
Jesus Hernandez
Short pulse phenomena produced with long pulses
02 March
Daniel Higgins
KSU Chemistry
Single molecules as probes of gradients and aligned nanopores in silica films: New directions in thin film materials characterization
09 March
Erwin Poliakoff
Electrons in anisotropic fields: Vibrational-electronic coupling in molecular photoionization
(See visitor schedule)
15 March
Tue, 1430
Thomas Weinacht
Strong field quantum control using shaped laser pulses
(See visitor schedule...)
23 March Spring Break - No Seminar
30 March
Nicolais Guevara
Molecules in strong magnetic fields
06 April
Fatima Anis
Universality and threshold behavior of two dimensional three-body scattering
12 April
Tue, 1430
George Gibson
Strong field physics revealed through time-domain spectroscopy
20 April
Utuq Abulikemu
Wei Cao
Dissociative/non-dissociative ionization of molecular-ion beams
Spectral splitting and quantum path study of HHG from a semi-infinite gas cell
22 April
Fri, CW119
Matthias Kling
Attosecond nanoscale physics
27 April
Maia Magrakvelidze
Aihua Liu
Dissociation dynamics of O2+ in intense laser fields
Electron wave-packets interference in atomic photoionization by few-cycle infrared laser pulses
04 May
Christian B. Madsen
Multiphoton above threshold effects in strong-field multifragment breakup
Summer 2011
03 June
Fri, 1400
Julian Berengut
New South Wales
Astronomical and laboratory searches for space-time variation of fundamental constants
24 June
Fri, 1400
Nora Johnson
Sub-cycle resolved processes in atoms and molecules

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