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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Fall seminars will be hybrid: live in CW144/145 at 13:30; Zoom links to be e-mailed.
Instructions and logon for campus Zoom teleconferencing.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Cosmin Blaga.
See also the APS Virtual AMO Seminar series.

Fall 2021
Date Speaker Topic
15 September
Pedro Nunes
Imaging nuclear motion with ultrafast electron diffraction
22 September
DOE Review (No Seminar)
29 September
Felix Allum
Studying photoinduced dynamics at high count rates using charged-particle imaging and covariance analysis
06 October
Anton Khmelnitskiy
Optical time- and frequency-domain spectroscopies of photosynthetic systems
13 October
Eric Mullins
Low energy differential cross section measurements using laser induced electron diffraction (joint seminar)

Pavan Muddukrishna
20 October
Taran Driver
Attosecond electron motion measured with an X-ray free electron laser
27 October
DOE-AMOS Meeting (No Seminar)
03 November
Enliang Wang
Coulomb explosion imaging of ring molecules
10 November
(No Seminar)
17 November
Huynh Lam
Investigating rotational coherences in the cationic states of diatomic molecules using high-resolution FFT spectroscopy
24 November
Fall Break (No Seminar)
01 December
(No Seminar)
07 December
(Tue; 09:00)
Erfan Saydanzad
Strong-field and time-resolved photoemission from plasmonic nanoparticles (PhD Defense)
08 December
Anbu Venkatachalam
Channel resolved inner-shell (4d) photoemission from Iodine in Iodomethane

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