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Atomic, molecular and optical physics seminars from the JRM Lab.

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 144/145.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Mondays at 1615 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Loren Greenman.

Fall 2018
Date Speaker Topic
29 August
Christiane Koch
Quantum effects in the dynamics of molecular systems
05 September
Xiang Li
Demonstration of ion-electron coincidence measurements with an X-ray free electron laser
12 September
(No Seminar)
19 September
DOE Review (No Seminar)
26 September
DOE Review (No Seminar)
03 October
Yubaraj Malakar
Study of dissociative ionization and Coulomb explosion of CH3I in strong laser field
10 October
Lianjie Xue
Bandgap modulation in hexagonal boron nitride by femtosecond laser
15 October
(Mon; 09:30)
Kevin Knabe
Low noise electronics, laser stabilization, and micro-optic packaging for next generation optical clocks. (KOS Meet & Greet, CW119)
17 October
(No Seminar)
24 October
DOE PI Meeting (No Seminar)
31 October
Travis Severt
High-order harmonic generation driven by two-color ω/2ω and ω/3ω laser fields (joint seminar)

Jan Tross
07 November
Sajed Hosseini-Zavareh
Fabrication and characterization of short acetylene filled PBGF cells
14 November
Cancelled (No Seminar)
21 November
Fall Break (No Seminar)
28 November
Balram Kaderiya
Elimination of the molecular halogens from laser-irradiated halomethanes
05 December
Esteban Goetz
Quantum control of photoionization dynamics in chiral molecules

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