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Schedule your required safety orientation tour here.

Everyone working in the lab is required to receive safety instruction. Please study our safety information, then read our infractions policy. To then request a tour, complete the form below and a Macdonald Laboratory staff member will contact you. If you have questions, please contact Charles Fehrenbach, JRML Safety Orientation Instructor.

The items labeled in red are required information.

First (Given) Name:
Middle Initial:
Last (Family) Name:
Date of Birth:
Home Phone Number:
Work Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:
Street Address 1:
(home or best contact address)
Street Address 2:
Postal Code:
Personal Emergency Contact:
(spouse, parent, etc.)
Personal Contact Phone:
(if "Other", specify below)
JRM Supervisor or Contact:
Preferred Date & Time:
Comments, Considerations
or Requests:
I understand that I am responsible for my own safety in the laboratory and agree to abide by the laboratory regulations and the environmental safety and health guidelines of the Macdonald Laboratory.
I have read and understand the JRML document "Procedures Relating to Personnel Who Fail To Comply with Lab Safety Rules".

Last updated on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2014