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How to register for, take and report on the University's laser safety training.

K-State Laser Safety

(Revised: November 2020)

K-State training registration page

K-State training registration page

Anyone who is going to be working in the lab will be required to take the KSU Laser Safety course. The Laser Safety training is online so you can take it remotely and at any time. After the training portion of the program, you will be given a test over the material. When you pass the exam, the program will generate a certificate of completion. You will need to submit a copy of that certificate to our safety officer to be allowed to resume work in the lab. The certificate screen will have a button on it that allows you to print a copy of your certificate. Click the button and either save the certificate as an Acrobat pdf file and e-mail that, or print it and deliver it to Charles Fehrenbach.

You have to register through K-State for the safety course via the form shown at right. In the Department/Unit field put Physics/JRML. In the box for "What courses are you interested in or required to take within Vivid?", put Laser Safety Training. After you submit the registration, the K-State Environmental Health and Safety office will e-mail you a link to your training course. If you already have a Vivid Learning account, i.e. you have taken the Laser Safety or other K-State safety course before, you can enroll yourself by signing into your Vivid account.

Note that these requests are handled by an actual human being and as such may take a day or two to complete.

Again, after you complete the course, you need to save a copy of your certificate and send it to the JRM safety officer. (If you exit without saving your certificate, you can still recover it through Vivid Learning. Send Charles an e-mail if you need help.)

If you are re-certifying there is a step-by-step guide to re-testing.

Last updated on Friday, 17-Dec-2021