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Abstracts and invited talks contributed by the James R. Macdonald Laboratory
to select conferences on atomic, molecular and atomic physics in 2012.


DAMOP 2012

Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
04 - 08 June 2012
Orange County, CA

Invited Talk:

Apker Award Talk:

Contributed Abstracts:

CLEO 2012

31st Conference on Lasers & Electro Optics &
29th International Quantum Electronics Conference
06 - 11 May 2012
San Jose, CA

Contributed Abstracts:


High-Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena
19 - 21 March 2012
Berlin, Germany

Invited Abstract:


23rd International Conference on Atomic Physics
23 - 27 July 2012
Palaiseau, France

Contributed Abstracts:

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