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How to fill out and place a purchase order at the JRM Lab.

JRM Purchase Order Procedure

The JRM purchasing guidelines are being revised during February 2015. Watch this space for news!

If you have questions, contact Kevin Carnes,

Physics and KSU Purchasing Rules

The ordering procedure must comply with the regulations of the KSU central Purchasing Office. The goal of the purchasing rules is to achieve a balance of low cost, time efficiency, and fairness to vendors and buyers.

There are two types of purchases, briefly described here:

  1. Orders for a total amount less than or equal to $5,000 including shipping cost:

    These items can be ordered directly from the vendor by telephone. Some vendors may ask you to type the order on an official letterhead and fax it to them. You are encouraged to shop around and be aware of multiple vendors for items of interest to you.

  2. Orders totaling $5,000 or more:

    For these items we write specifications and send them to the Purchasing Office in Anderson Hall. The Purchasing Office sends these specifications to our recommended vendors on their own official forms. After about 2 weeks (3 weeks for > $10K) we receive the bids. If we want any vendor other than the low bidder, we must state why and exactly which of our original specifications are not satisfied by the low bidder.

The central Purchasing Office of KSU frowns on the practice of splitting large orders into multiple smaller orders for the purpose of avoiding the bid process.

Questions regarding these should go to Kim Elliott.

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