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Siegbert Hagmann

Siegbert Hagmann

Dr. rer. nat., Physics, 1977, Universitat Köln / GSI, Darmstadt

Contact Information:

  • Now at GSI in Darmstadt.

Research Interests:

Experimental atomic physics; inner-shell ionization processes; (e,2e) collision processes; many-electron continua in atomic collisions

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Recent Publications:

  • "Simultaneous Projectile-Target Ionization: A Novel Approach to (e, 2e) Experiments on Ions",
    H. Kollmus, R. Moshammer, R. E. Olson, S. Hagmann, M. Schulz, and J. Ullrich,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 103202 (2002)
  • "Three-Body Coulomb Problem Probed by Mapping the Bethe Surface in Ionizing Ion-Atom Collisions",
    R. Moshammer, A. Perumal, M. Schulz, V. D. Rodríguez, H. Kollmus, R. Mann, S. Hagmann, and J. Ullrich.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 223201 (2001)
  • "Dynamics of the fragmentation of D2 by fast protons and slow highly charged Xe26+",
    I. Ali, R. D. DuBois, C. L. Cocke, S. Hagmann, C. R. Feeler, and R. E. Olson,
    Phys. Rev. A 64, 022712 (2001)
  • "Near-Threshold Photoionization of Hydrogenlike Uranium Studied in Ion-Atom Collisions via the Time-Reversed Process,"
    Th. Stohlker, X. Ma, T. Ludziejewski, H. F. Beyer, F. Bosch, O. Brinzanescu, R. W. Dunford, J. Eichler, S. Hagmann, A. Ichihara, C. Kozhuharov, A. Kramer, D. Liesen, P. H. Mokler, Z. Stachura, P. Swiat, and A. Warczak
    Phys. Rev. Letters 86, 983 (2001).
  • "Correlated Three-Electron Continuum States in Triple Ionization by Fast Heavy-Ion Impact,"
    M. Schulz, R. Moshammer, W. Schmitt, H. Kollmus, R. Mann, S. Hagmann, R. E. Olson, and J. Ullrich
    Phys. Rev. A 61, 022703-1 (2000).
  • "Electron Correlations Observed through Intensity Interferometry," M. Schulz, R. Moshammer, W. Schmitt, H. Kollmus, B. Feuerstein, R. Mann, S. Hagmann, and J. Ullrich
    Phys. Rev. Letters 84, 863 (2000).
  • "Multi-hit Detector System for Complete Momentum Balance in Spectroscopy in Molecular Fragmentation Processes",
    I. Ali, R. Dörner, O. Jagutzki, S. Nüttgens, V. Mergel, L. Spielberger, Kh. Khayyat, T. Vogt, H. Bräuning, K. Ullmann, R. Moshammer, J. Ullrich, S. Hagmann, K.-O. Groeneveld, C. L. Cocke, and H. Schmidt-Böcking,
    Nucl. Instrum. and Methods B 149, 490 (1999)

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