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Sites republishing KSU's press releases concerning ultrafast and attosecond
atomic, molecular and optical physics at JRM. Note that some sites may not
maintain archives of older stories. See also our current lab news.

"Molecular Black Holes"

June 2017

"Fano Resonance Buildup"

November 2016

"Ultrafast Molecular Selfie"

October 2016

"CEP Stable Laser"

April 2015

"Ultracold Three Atom Physics"

August 2014

"Ultrafast X-ray Laser"

July 2014

"Useful Light Source"

May 2014

"Ultrafast Atomic Probe"

June 2013

"Supercharged Ionization"

November 2012

"Timely Discovery"

May 2012

"Imaging Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics"

March 2012

"Attoseconds For All"

November 2009

"Physicists From 25 Countries Meeting at K-State to Discuss Research with Ultrafast Lasers"

May 2009

"K-State's fast laser research and theory helps physicists build on Albert Einsten's work"

May 2009

"K-State Physics professor finds a way to steer
electrons in a molecule using laser pulses"

November 2008

"K-State Physics lab becoming a frontrunner
in ultrafast laser research"

October 2008

"K-State Physics researchers make progress
in developing faster, more powerful lasers"

March 2008

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