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An outline of computing and data acquisition support at JRM.

We have a lot of computers in the JRM lab. They all have their purposes and you should be sure to use the correct ones for whatever you are doing. There are "online" Linux data acquisition (DAQ) workstations in the lab connected to your experiment for harvesting the data. There are "offline" Linux servers where you can sort that data. There are tutorials available to guide you through these specialized systems. Finally there are Windows "compute" servers where you can analyze the data. The compute servers have MATLAB, Python, Origin and other sofware suitable for those tasks. The servers are accessible from either your own computer or from one of the public computers in the lab. Please find the lists of these machines below:

DAQ Workstations

Ampere ECR Data Room
Henry ECR Beamline
Purcell HITS Double TOF

Offline Sorting

Compute Servers


In the event of user unhappiness with Linux systems, contact Kevin Carnes; for JRM Lab PC support, contact Vince Needham; and finally, for general support or for Unix/Linux problems, contact the Physics Computer Support Center (PCSC).

Last updated on Monday, 14-Nov-2022