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The Biking Across Kansas tour of June 2011.

Details about BAK are available on the web or on Facebook. There's a detailed
Google Map of the route. You'll want to zoom in close to find all the backroads we were on.
For a different view, see the tweets made during the tour.

Each thumbnail below links to another gallery featuring part of the trip.

Getting to Tribune
16 miles; Fri, 03 June

Tribune to CO to Scott City
47 miles; Sat, 04 June

Scott City to Ness City
56 miles; Sun, 05 June

Ness City to Hoisington
67 miles; Mon, 06 June

Hoisington to McPherson
74 miles; Tue, 07 June

McPherson to Cottonwood Falls
64 miles; Wed, 08 June

Cottonwood Falls to Burlington
62 miles; Thu, 09 June

Burlington to Garnett
48 miles; Fri, 10 June

Garnett to Missouri Border
40 miles; Sat, 11 June

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