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Sunday it turned seriously hot and we all learned the value of an early morning start. Lunch was in a charming little school in the tiny town of Beeler. Our ultimate destination was Ness City. Travelled 58.24 miles of still nearly level road in 04:01, for an average of 14.4 mph.

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"Cattleman's Harvest" statue in downtown Scott City.

I would have benefited from an even earlier, cooler start on these hot days.

All of our host communities were most welcoming.

I didn't see any of the Lane county Needhams as I sprinted by.


A SAG near, of all things, a grain elevator!




George Washington Carver slept here!



A sponsored BAK lunch was in the tiny town of Beeler.

Their little old high school now serves as a community center.



The miniscule gym reminded me of my own high school's old gym, converted to a rec room after an expansion.



Arrgh! The scurvy SAG hags as pirates.

No hardtack and grog, but cookies and Gatorade.





The Ness County Courthouse, in the heart of Ness City.

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