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All good things must come to an end, and on Saturday we ran for the Missouri border near La Cygne, 49.78 miles, including backtracking to Linn County Lake for the end-of-ride party. A few hills to make it interesting, and I ran them in 03:52 for a 12.8 mph average. My total for the entire course was 507.5 miles. Sadly, one rider crashed and broke his collarbone just out of Garnett. Hope his recovery is swift! A few more cell phone pics here, as I gambled and lost on my regular camera's battery life.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.


We did enjoy our stay in Garnett.

The Anderson county courthouse.


Much of this last ride was through lush farmland like this little dell.


About 10 miles out of Garnett a dog got in the way of a cyclist...

...who crashed and broke his collarbone. The nearest riders included medical professionals...

...and the authorities were on the scene quickly. The rest of us waited.


We had something of a mass start after the ambulances cleared out.

I gambled and lost on my camera battery, so it's cell phone pics for the finale...

It was a short ride with just one SAG...

...right across from the Post Office in Parker.

Nearing historic La Cygne.



The Marais des Cygnes river, the "marsh of the swans".

We got stopped by a very long train as we entered La Cygne. The Penske trucks are our baggage carriers.


The La Cygne Generating Station as seen from the west end of the dam.

I topped 500 miles for the trip just after crossing the dam, closing in on the border.

Success! The Missouri border, with one tiny little sign and many riders wanting a photo of it.


Up closer to the power plant from the east end of the dam as I backtracked to the party site.


End of the ride! At wheels-stop by the party shelter, I'd logged 507.41 miles. A bit more rolling around rounded that to 507.5 miles.

Total odometer reading for this Specialized Tricross bike since late February 2011 is 1412.4 miles.

Lot of bikes!



Laurie, Cindy and Cindy's husband at the end-of-ride party.

Paul and Laurie.

Laurie, her husband, and Keith.

Me, Cindy, Paul, Laurie, and Keith.

The bus back to Lenexa. A much shorter trip than the trip out!


The bikes get to ride for this stage!

BAK 2011 comes to a successful conclusion!

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