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Black Tuesday was our longest ride, 77 miles from Hoisington to McPherson. The last 20 miles, after lunch in charming Marquette, was into the teeth of a fierce, hot south wind. Sustained 30 mph wind, with gusts over 40 mph. Riders fell like flies and kept the SAG folks busy. I persevered, but took 06:55 to complete the ride at just 11.1 mph average. Possibly the hardest work I've ever done.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.

Dawn over the plains. The heat mandated an early start.


Scenic overlook of the Cheyenne Bottoms. At the top of a steep hill, of course.



Riders learning about the Bottoms and its wildlife.



Cinnamon rolls in Claflin. Bicycle fuel!

The sweet SAG ladies as candies.

You do know about the green M&M's, don't you?


Gas works between Bushton and Frederick.


Having pigged out on cinnamon rolls, I resisted the cobbler, but did indulge in chocolate milk.

A herd of donkeys, including several new foals.



This SAG had ice pops! Nothing beats a sweet, cold, refreshing ice pop on a hot, parched day!


A variety of recumbents happened to be at the SAG when I was.


A sweeping vista of the plains west of Marquette.





Two vivacious young girls costumed as a cookie and an ape drummed up business for the sundries shop.

Marquette blocked off downtown to feed a hearty meal to the condemned riders...

...who were about to steer into the 40 mph headwinds.

Quaint old gas station in Marquette.

The ice cream parlor in the sundries shop. Had another big chocolate shake.

The Smoky Hill river outside of Marquette. It was tough pedalling beyond this point!


Very tired riders in the McPherson High School gym.




The evening meeting in McPherson.


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