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Thursday we rode from Cottonwood Falls to Burlington, 63.83 miles in 05:23, for 11.8 mph average speed. Part of that was over US50, with truck traffic and idiotic full-shoulder-width rumble strips. Flat tires were legion, including one more for me. Fortunately that was just before Emporia, and a stop at the High Gear bike shop replentished my supply of tubes and CO2. We entered the Flint Hills, rolling prairie hills where the wildflowers were in bloom.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.

More Chase county history, as we leave Cottonwood Falls.




Our first hints of storms brewing for that evening and a change from the hot weather.

These silhouette sculptures are quite popular in these parts.


Signage along US50. Note the rumble strips that cross the entire shoulder.



Should not have stopped to photograph I-35 at Emporia... I got a flat here. Nice guy helped change the tube, and High Gear bike shop was at hand to provide more spares.


Emporia's All Veterans Memorial park.



The old bridge gives a view of the checkdam and is a local trailhead.




F-4 Phantom fighter outside of the Emporia Municipal Airport.


Lunch was in Olpe.


These folks penned some cute song adaptations for BAK.


Prairie wildflowers alongside the road.


The butterflies were almost a thick as the flowers.


Another welcome SAG stop.

Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge, south of Hartford.

Black-eyed Susans.


Did I mention the wildflowers?


I thought this sign at the gravel pit was hilarious...



...but one of my fellow riders suffered a double-blowout on the bridge and got thrown off his bike.



With ice cream!




The Silly SAGs go Vegas.

Approaching Burlington we passed by the Redmond Reservoir.


The power lines are fed from the Wolf Creek nuclear plant...

...visible in the distance, framed by the power line poles.


The power plant has brought prosperity...

...and the Burlington High School facilities are very nice.

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