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Monday was another scorcher, with gusty cross-winds as we pedalled 68 miles from Ness City to Hoisington. The last of that route turned into the wind, giving us a final challenge for that day and a preview of the evil to come on the next! I suffered my first flat tires of the ride, possibly due to goat-heads and sand-burrs. I maintained a 14.6 mph average, but my total time was rather longer due to tire repairs. Hoisington's facilities and hospitality made up for those minor annoyances, though.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.

Ness City's graffiti barn.


First SAG stop of the day.


The Fort Hays - Fort Dodge Trail rest area, with marker.










Lunch under shady trees in LaCrosse.


Real close up to one of the many wind turbines.



The SAG ladies go tropical.


Otis, helium capital of the world!

My lab uses copious quantities of liquid helium from here.

So I had to get a photo for my colleagues in cryogenics.


Super-cold thoughts on a very warm day.



Kudos to the nice folks of the little Otis store providing ice water!

The innards of one of the many wind turbines.


A SAG stop, with pickles!

Hoisington's community center is a fine facility.



Padre and his crew worked hard to please their guests.


Relaxing in the "Padre Zone".


The "gym rats" staying indoors.

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