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Mother Nature took one last shot at us Thursday night, with a thunderstorm packing 56 mph gusts. Many tents were blown down. The storm broke the heat at last, though, and we enjoyed the hilly 49.78 mile ride to Garnett in mid-80s temperatures and moderate winds. Lingering showers and road construction slowed the early part of the ride, which I finished in 03:52 at a 12.8 mph pace. We found a downtown bar to celebrate our final BAK night in before more storms chased us in.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.

A new dawn after a stormy night.


Breakfast in the high school.


The tracking boards: sign in and sign out every day so they know you're not dead by the side of the road.

A little pocket park in downtown Burlington. As an Eagle Scout, I had to photograph this!



Another pocket park, with a railroading theme.


Wolf Creek nuclear power plant. This is as close-up a view as we got on our route.

Crepuscular rays shine down as we leave Burlington.


It was patriotism day, with riders and the Silly SAGs wearing appropriate jerseys or costumes.









More pretty prairie panoramas.



The photographer gets photographed.


Another SAG.

Day lillies.

Elk! Elk!

BAK riders admire the elk on the elk ranch outside of Garnett.


Several clever sculptures like this could be found in and around Garnett.


Severe storms were forecast, so campers were asked to move indoors.

Padre only left the small tents up, including mine. As it turned out, the storm missed us to the south.

The Prairie Spirit Trail folks were here, both advertising and volunteering. I bought a tee-shirt.

One of the BAK baggage trucks.

The Chuckwagon ice cream folks made another appearance, so I ate some more!


My Dad would love this little Sattley single-cylinder low-RPM motor cranking the ice cream churn.






Riders and vendors inside the Anderson County Junior/Senior High School.


Padre, center in yellow shirt, hosts a meeting on our last night of the BAK.

Padre's hard-working staff, in the orange tee-shirts.


Downtown Garnett celebrating its sesquicentennial along with BAK.


Like in other towns, the square was blocked off for us, with entertainment and food available.


The folks I hung out with found a nice bar to get dinner at.


Until they chased us back to the high school because of the storm that didn't materialize.

The mayor of Garnett welcomes us at the nightly meeting.

The SAG volunteers get a well-deserved standing ovation.


After the meeting the unplanned indoor campers staged something of a slumber party. Great fun was had by all.

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