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The official destination for Saturday, the first day, was Scott City, but I wanted to go border-to-border. That meant riding 16 miles from Tribune to the Colorado border, then back again, before setting out for Scott City. Fortunately, western Kansas is flat, the winds were reasonable and the temperature merely warm. I rode 81.23 miles in 05:45, for an average of 14.1 mph.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.2 MB in size.

I rode to the border Saturday morning.



Self timer pic, since no other rider was nearby.

Turned around and headed back...

...through Tribune again...


...headed for Scott City, with a lunch stop in Leoti.



Had a nice, cold shake here, the first of many ice-cream stops at small-town drive-ins.



A more relaxed trip past one of the wind farms.




The first Silly SAG! The wonderful "SAG hags" would be in costume every day.


The entrance to one of the wind farms...

...and a closer view of some of the turbines.


Rolling into Scott City after about 80 miles of riding... a welcoming pre-pitched tent, inflated mattress and delivered baggage.

Worth every penny paid to Padre.

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