John (Col) CUSHING

1627 - 31 Mar 1708

  • BIRTH: 1627, Hingham, Norfolk, England
  • DEATH: 31 Mar 1708, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Father: Matthew CUSHING
Mother: Nazareth PITCHER

Family 1 : Sarah HAWKE
  • MARRIAGE: 20 Jan 1658, Hingham, Plymouth, MA
  1.  John (Lieut. Col) CUSHING
  2.  Thomas B. CUSHING
  3. +Matthew B. CUSHING
  4.  Jeremiah CUSHING
  5.  James M. CUSHING
  6.  Joshua CUSHING
  7.  Sarah CUSHING
  8.  Caleb (Rev) CUSHING
  9.  Deborah CUSHING
  10.  Mary CUSHING
  11.  Joseph CUSHING
  12.  Benjamin (Lieut) CUSHING

                                      _Thomas (Cushyn) CUSHING _+
                     _Peter CUSHING _|
                    |                |_Ursula (CUSHING) ________
 _Matthew CUSHING __|
|                   |                 __________________________
|                   |_Susan HAWES ___|
|                                    |__________________________
|--John (Col) CUSHING 
|                                     __________________________
|                    _Henry PITCHER _|
|                   |                |__________________________
|_Nazareth PITCHER _|
                    |                 __________________________
                    |_Sarah BOND ____|

[825] Occupation: Farmer, exporter, ship owner,
1692 First Representative from Scituate, Mass.

In 1638 John Cushing, aged eleven, came with his parents Matthewand Nazareth and four siblings to New England. John returned to England briefly in 1657-1658, visiting his uncle Peter Cushing in London, and buying clothes,a bed tick and a pair of steel yards there, as well as travelling to Norwich and Hingham in Norfolk, where he visited other relatives .... This trip may represent the beginnings of John Cushing's long career as a merchant, town officialand justice of the peace.
Also in 1657 he, together with Matthias Briggs, purchased for 120 pounds the Varsall Estate in Scituate of Capt. John Vassall, sonof William Vassall, to whom it was laid out 1634, which consisted of 120 acreswith house and barns. He did not move there, however, until about 1662. The land on which the farm was situated was always known as (Bell House Neck), a namegiven to the place in consequence of a bell that hung at the house there, fora century, to give an alarm to the neighboring country in case of the approachof Indians. In 1663 he was surveyor of highways and in 1667, receiver of excises. He was deputy to the colony in 1674, and was often reelected. In 1673, he was on the committee for dividing Scituate lands; and in 1676, was chosen to report to the Government a statement of all services of the soldiers of Scituate inthe war with King Philip. Selectman from 1674 to 1686 inclusive, and County Magistrate (Plymouth Co.) 1685 to 1692. Assistant of the Old Colony Government ofPlymouth Colony 1689 to 1691, and representative to the General Court at Boston in 1692 (the first year after the two colonies, Plymouth and Massachusetts, were united), and for several succeeding years to 1697, Member of the Council 1706 and 1707. He was also Colonel of the Plymouth Regiment.

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"History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts"
George Lincoln, et. al., Hingham, MA; 1893 pp. 150-152

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
p. 199:
"CUSHING, John (1627-1708) & Sarah HAWKE (1641-1679); 20 Jan 1658, prob 1657/8; Hinqham/Scituate"

"Vital Records of Scituate, Massachusetts to 1850"
Transcribed by D. Pane-Joyce
Death: "John Sr. Esq., Mar. 31, 1708"

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [])

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