1562 - 1 Mar 1615

  • BIRTH: 1562, Hardingham, Norfolk, England
  • DEATH: 1 Mar 1615, Hingham, Norfolk, England
  • BURIAL: 2 Mar 1615, Hingham, Norfolk, England
Father: Thomas (Cushyn) CUSHING
Mother: Ursula (CUSHING)

Family 1 : Susan HAWES
  • MARRIAGE: 4 Jun 1583, Hardingham, Norfolk, England
  1.  Theophilus CUSHING
  2.  Bridget CUSHING
  3. +Matthew CUSHING
  4.  William CUSHING
  5.  Barbara CUSHING
  6.  Peter CUSHING
  7.  Katharine CUSHING
  8.  Thomas CUSHING

                                                       _William (Cushyn) CUSHING _+
                            _John (Cushying) CUSHING _|
                           |                          |_Emma PARNELL _____________+
 _Thomas (Cushyn) CUSHING _|
|                          |                           _Thomas CLIVE _____________
|                          |_Alice CLIVE _____________|
|                                                     |_Margaret (CLIVE) _________
|--Peter CUSHING 
|                                                      ___________________________
|                           __________________________|
|                          |                          |___________________________
|_Ursula (CUSHING) ________|
                           |                           ___________________________

[791] Peter Cushing the son of Thomas Cushing was born at Hardingham but removed to Hingham about 1600, in which year the parish register of Hingham begins. He married Susan Hawes at Hardingham, 2 June 1583. He was buried at Hingham, Eng., 2 March 1615. His wife was buried 26 April 1641. He was probably one of the firstof the Cushings to embrace the Protestant faith, for the wills of his father and eldest brother are not in the Protestant form.


THEOPHILUS baptized 4 Nov. 1584. He came to New England in 1633, in the ship Griffin, in company with Governor Haynes and the eminent Puritan divines, Cotton and Hooker. For a time he resided on Haynes' farm with his friend (afterwards the celebratedGovernor Haynes) as his adviser and secretary. When his younger brother Matthew, following his example, came to New England. Theophilus, who appears never tohave married, settled with him in Hingham, Mass. He was blind for 25 years before his death, which occurred 24 March 1679.

BRIDGET baptized 19 February 1586. Married, 15 July 1627, George More.

MATTHEW baptized 2 March 1589.

WILLIAM, baptized l April 1593. Married Margery---- and had children, William,Robert, Anne, and Elizabeth.

BARBARA. baptized 16 June 1596, died January 1632.

PETER OF LONDON. He married Godly, widow of Simon Payne. His will is dated 2 February 1664, and was proved 2 January 1665. He died without issue. Hiswife made her will 11 April 1675, and died the same year.

KATHERINE married---- Long of Carlton Road near Wymondham in Norfolk

THOMAS OP LONDON, baptized 15 May 1603. His will is dated 10August 1669. He calls himself of London,Gentleman, unmarried.

1. The Genealogy of the Cushing Family (An account of the Ancestors and Descendants of Matthew Cushing, who came to Americain 1638) by James Cushing, The Perrault Printing Co - Montreal, 1905. First Edition, 1877, by Lemuel Cushing, D1881 (Finished by his family) Pg 19.

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [])

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