23 Sep 1677 - 12 Dec 1760

  • BIRTH: 23 Sep 1677, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
  • CHRISTENING: 12 May 1678, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
  • DEATH: 12 Dec 1760, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Father: John (Col) CUSHING
Mother: Sarah HAWKE

Family 1 : Mercy PICKLES
  • MARRIAGE: 1 Jan 1711, Scituate, Plymouth, MA

                                           _Peter CUSHING _+
                       _Matthew CUSHING __|
                      |                   |_Susan HAWES ___
 _John (Col) CUSHING _|
|                     |                    _Henry PITCHER _
|                     |_Nazareth PITCHER _|
|                                         |_Sarah BOND ____
|--Joseph CUSHING 
|                                          ________________
|                      _Matthew HAWKE ____|
|                     |                   |________________
|_Sarah HAWKE ________|
                      |                    ________________
                      |_Margaret NELSON __|

[838] Joseph resided in Scituate and was a deacon of the Second Church, a justice ofthe peace, one of the judges in the Supreme Court, active in the community andgreatly respected.

Joseph purchased in 1707 from Phillip Turner a tract of land at Henchman's Corner in the South Parish of Scituate, upon which the houseof the late Dr. Heyward Warren Cushing stands (1936). Joseph built a house uponthis tract when he married, and a corner stone of this first house is imbeddedin the lawn on Dr. Cushing's estate. The original house was enlarged by his son, Deacon Joseph, Jr., and later it formed the ell of a large house built by thelatter's son George.

After Joseph's wife, Mercy, died, he did not remarry,and his wife's sister, Alice Pickles was the foster-mother of young Joseph.

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"History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts"
George Lincoln, et. al., Hingham, MA; 1893 pp. 151-152

"Vital Records of Scituate, Massachusetts to 1850"
Transcribed by D. Pane-Joyce
Death: "Joseph, Dea., Dec. 12, 1760, in 84th y. G.R.14"
Marriage: "Joseph and Mercy Pickles, Jan. 1, 1710-11."

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [])

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