Lydia Ann SCHOLL


ABT 1789 - ____

Father: Peter SCHOLL
Mother: Mary BOONE

                                         _Jacob SCHOLL _____
                 _William SCHOLL _______|
                |                       |_Jane MORGAN ______
 _Peter SCHOLL _|
|               |                        ___________________
|               |_Leah MORGAN __________|
|                                       |___________________
|--Lydia Ann SCHOLL 
|                                        _Squire BOONE _____+
|                _Edward "Neddy" BOONE _|
|               |                       |_Sarah MORGAN _____+
|_Mary BOONE ___|
                |                        _Joseph Bryan SR. _+
                |_Martha BRYAN _________|
                                        |_Hester ___________

[389] "The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapters 101, 89:"Peter Scholl and Mary Boone had 14 children, namely, William, Martha, John,
Lydia Ann, Joseph, Dudley, Malinda, Jesse Bryan, Peter Morgan, Edward Boone, Dudley (the
second), Mary, Louisa and Charity Scholl. Of these 14 children, 13 grew to maturity. The first
Dudley died in infancy... Boone Hays was a son of the noted Kentuckian, Captain William Hays,
who married Daniel Boone's fourth daughter, Susannah. Boone Hays was further related to the Pike
county Elledges and Scholls by marriage, his first wife being Lydia Ann Scholl, a niece of Pike
county Abraham, being a daughter of Abraham's brother, Kentucky Peter Scholl. Lydia Ann's mother
was Mary Boone, daughter of Neddie and younger sister of Charity Boone."

[390] [S6] Our Pioneer Ancestors

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