Edward "Neddy" BOONE

30 Nov 1740 - 6 Oct 1780

Father: Squire BOONE
Mother: Sarah MORGAN

Family 1 : Martha BRYAN
  1.  Charity BOONE
  2.  Jane BOONE
  3. +Mary BOONE
  4.  George BOONE
  5.  Joseph BOONE
  6.  Sarah BOONE

                                          _George BOONE II_+
                 _George BOONE III_______|
                |                        |_Sarah UPPEY ____
 _Squire BOONE _|
|               |                         _John MAUGRIDGE _
|               |_Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE _|
|                                        |_Mary MILTON ____
|--Edward "Neddy" BOONE 
|                                         _________________
|                _Edward MORGAN _________|
|               |                        |_________________
|_Sarah MORGAN _|
                |                         _________________
                |_Elizabeth JARMAN ______|

[432] For information on Daniel Boone and the Boone family, see
The Boone Society at http://www.boonesociety.org/.

"The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p70: "Edward Boone (Squire; George), born 19 Nov. (O. S.), or 30 Nov. (N. S.), 1740, in Exeter
Township, Berks Co., Pa.; died 1780 in Ky. Married Martha Bryan (d. after 1793), daughter of
Joseph and Alee Bryan, and a sister of Rebecca Bryan, who married Daniel Boone. As a
small boy of about ten, Edward was taken with his parents in their migration from Pennsylvania,
to the Yadkin District of South Carolina, 1750-52, where it is very probable he was married, for
we know that the Bryan family lived in this same neighborhood, and it was here his brother
Daniel and Rebecca Bryan were married. It is thought too that his children were born in South
Carolina. It is not known certainly when he moved to Kentucky, but it is very probable that it was
in 1779, when Daniel Boone took out a large party, or perhaps even earlier. Of his life here,
nothing is known though several accounts of his death have been left by his nephews..."

"A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri"
William S. Bryan and Robert Rose
Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO, 1876
pp3-8: "Life of Daniel Boone"
"He had seven sons and four daughters, whose names are here given in the order of their births,
from information furnished by the late Daniel Bryan, the celebrated gunsmith of Kentucky, who was
a nephew of Daniel Boone: Israel, Sarah, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, (mother of
Daniel Bryan), George, Edward, Squire, Jr., and Hannah. The maiden name of the mother of these
children was Sarah Morgan."

"The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapters 38, 85: "Few of Boone's many losses and misfortunes seemed to affect him as did the loss of
this beloved brother, young Neddie Boone. Daniel and Neddie had married sisters, Rebecca and
Martha Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan, of the Yadkin country in North Carolina. Neddie
Boone was the ancestor of the Pike county Elledges and of many of the Scholls; numerous of the
Scholls also being descended directly from Daniel Boone, one of Abraham Scholl's brothers having
married a daughter of Daniel and another a daughter of Neddie... The Boone family was noted for
longevity... Edward (Neddie) Boone, ancestor of hundreds of Pike countians, was only 40 when he was
killed by the Indians in 1780."

From Sarah Ridge Rockenfield's "Our Boone Families" -- page 453:

"Edward, Son of Squire Boone Sr. and Sarah Morgan Boone was born Nov 30, 1740 in Exeter Twp. Berks Co., PA. Married Martha Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan and a sister to Rebecca, Daniel Boone's wife. Edward moved with his parents to the Yadkin District in N. C. when he was about 10 years old. He married Martha in the Yadkin District and their children were all born there. He went to Kentucky with his brother, Daniel Boone. He and Daniel and several other men had gone to the Blue Licks Salt Licks to boil down salt. It took 680 galls of salt water to boil down a bushel of salt. It cost a $5 Continental bill to buy a bushel of salt. On their way back to Fort Boonesborough, they stopped to let the horses graze. Edward was cracking nuts with a stone and was killed by Indians (Shawnees) on Oct 6, 1780 in Clark Co.(Boonesborough), (near Blue Lick River) KY. Martha Bryan Boone was only in her 30's when Ned was killed and she did not remarry. She lived on Boone's Creek and died in 1793 in Fayette Co., KY. Edward was a Baptist preacher and loved to sing."

"The Pioneer and the Prairie Lawyer," Willard Mounts, Denver, 1991.
Edward Boone's death:

"Daniel and Edward Boone went hunting on Himkstone. Found a good grassy spot and stopped to let their horses graze. Edward Boone picked up some nuts and commenced cracking them on a stone in his lap and watching the horses while Daniel Boone said he would take a walk and come back by the time the horses were through picking; he had scarcely gone when several guns cracked and he saw two or three Indians after him. He darted off into the cane and was followed by a dog. Finally to evade him he stepped behind a tree and shot the dog as it approached. Indians came up and rolled over the dead dog, looked at it regretfully and departed. Col. Boone saw the indians but thought it wisest to remain quiet. Seven balls had been shot into Edward and he must have been killed instantly."

Story told by John Scholl - Son of Peter and Mary Boone Scholl.

Martha Bryan Boone's will said that Jane Boone Morgan(daughter of Edward Boone and Martha Bryan) and husband, Morgan Morgan were living a few miles East of Baton Rouge, LA . Martha Bryan Boone's will dated May 12, 1793.

Said by more than one source possibly father of Jemima, Daniel Boone's daughter. "Spraker, "The Boone Family" page 38, 596, 70-71.

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