Joseph Bryan SR.

1720 - 1805

Father: Morgan BRYAN
Mother: Martha STRODE

Family 1 : Hester
  1. +Martha BRYAN
  2.  Rebecca BRYAN
Family 2 : Aylee
  1.  Phoebe BRYAN
  2.  Mary BRYAN
  3.  Susannah BRYAN
  4.  Aylee BRYAN
  5.  Charity BRYAN
  6.  Elenor BRYAN
  7.  Samuel BRYAN
  8.  Joseph Bryan JR.
  9.  John BRYAN

                                   _William Smith BRYAN _+
                  _Francis BRYAN _|
                 |                |_Catherine MORGAN ____
 _Morgan BRYAN __|
|                |                 ______________________
|                |_Sarah BRINKER _|
|                                 |______________________
|--Joseph Bryan SR. 
|                                  _Edward STRODE _______+
|                 _Edward STRODE _|
|                |                |_Joan GUNNING ________
|_Martha STRODE _|
                 |                 ______________________

[491] "The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p508: "Joseph Bryan Sr, d. abt., 1805; m. (1) -----; and (2) Alee ----- (d. it is thought prior to 1805). Of the
first wife nothing is known, only that Joseph Bryan Jr., was her child. When his father moved down on
the Yadkin, Joseph Bryan remained at Winchester, Va., where he had married and settled. Later we
find he was living about 4 miles from where his father was living on the Yadkin... In Jefferson County,
Ky., in Will Book I, page 158, we find a copy of his will, which as dated 20 November, 1801, and probated
4 March, 1805."

[Broderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979]
Joseph Bryan was the first of our direct Bryan ancestors to be born in America. Some reccords indicate the year as 1719 and others show 1720. Born in Chester County, PA, Joseph lived there until 1734 when he moved with his family to Virginia. His father, a leader in the formation of a new Quaker settlelment at Frederick Town (now winchester), was one of the builders of "The Hopewell Monthly Meeting of Frederick".

It was here in about 1737 that Joseph first married and the name of his wife remains unknown. They probably had only two children, both daughters, and the best guess is that the first was Martha, born about 1737 and named for Joseph's mother. Rebecca, the second daughter, was born 9 January 1739.

Most biographers of the Bryan family appear to have been unaware of Joseph's first family and have attributed all of his children to his second wife known as "Aylee." Her real name was Alice (as proven by legal documents) and her surname was probably Linville. "Aylee" was no doubt a family nickname. This oversight will no doubt be perpetuated forever, because some researchers use material distributed or published in the past as factual. The clue to the fact that Joseph was married twice can be found on page 508 of Hazel Atterbury Spraker's "The Boone Family," published in 1922. Then on page 509 of this book, Joseph Bryan, Jr. states that he was the half brother of Daniel Boone's wife (Rebecca). None of the numerous volumes in our collection of Boone family history contain this vital information. Bobbie Callaway, historian for the Callaway Family Assocaition, has long suspected that Martha and Rebecca Bryan were the offsprings of a first wife, and that Joseph Jr. was not the oldest son of Joseph, as has been published over and over. As one of the most competent reseasrchers it has been our privilege of knowing, Bobbie has gathered sufficient data to show Joseph Jr., who lived to age 92, was born about 1752 when Rebecca was approximately 13 years old.

Before the Reolutionary War most eligible men served in the Colonial Militia when called upon to do so, and Joseph was no exception. In Augusta County Virginia Court records dated 15 September 1742, we find the following entry: "Joseph Bryan delinquent at muster of Capt. Hugh Thompson at Court Martial. Later excused when returned bearing Arms".

The first deed recorded in Frederick Co., VA, dated 13 April 1744, shows that Joseph Bryan purchased land from Alexander Ross. We presume that Joseph and his young family lived in the Winchester area of Frederick County until his first wife died.

Indications are that Joseph then moved up the Shenandoah Valley to Augusta County with his father and the rest of the family in about 1746, where he married his second wife Alice. He remained here after Morgan Bryan and family moved to North Carolina on 1748, probably because of his new family ties. It is believed, however, that his two daughters, Martha and Rebecca went to North Carolina with their grandparents and lived with them until both were married. This part in the life of Rebecca no doubt gave rise to the erroneous assumption that Morgan and Martha (Strode) Bryan were her parents.

We believe that Joseph and Alice lived in Virginia until about 1755 where their first two children, Samuel and Joseph Jr., were born, and then decided to join the rest of the Bryan Family in North Carolina. An Augusta County Court record dated 20 March 1755 stated that Daniel Harrison initiated a suit against Joseph Bryan regarding an attachment levied on Joseph before his removal from the County. This attachment assured Harrison of collecting any debts when Joseph's property was sold.

Once in North Carolina, Joseph settled in what is now Davie County and seems to have prospered. He was described by George Soelle, a Moravian minister who preached in many parts of the County, as a "well-to-do polite and affable man who cannot read, but well-to-do." He lieved here for about 43 years where the rest of his family was born and grew up.

By this time much of his family had moved to Kentucky, and even at the age of about 78 undertook his last big venture. He and Alice moved to Kentucky in 1798 where two of his sons and a son-in-law had established large plantations. He acquired an estate of about 14,000 acres at Floy's Fork, Shelby County. He died early in 1805 at age 85 in Jefferson County and left a will dated 20 Nov. 1804 in which he names his second wife and all of his surviving children, including his daughter Rebecca Boone. The will follows:

Jefferson County, KY
will Book 1, p. 158.

In the name of God Amen; I Joseph Bryan of the County of Jefferson, State of Kentucky, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) after my lawful debts are settled I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Alee a gray mare, a bed and furniture and thirty dollars, either cash or property. I also bequeath to my sons, Samuel, Joseph and John Bryan the sum of fifty dollars each, either cash or property. I also give and bequeath unto my youngest son John Bryan one negro man names James and all the farming tools. I also bequeath unto my daughters Martha Boon and Rebecca Boon the sum of twenty dollars each, either cash or property. I also give unto my other daughts, Mary Howard, Susanna Hinkle, Aylee Howard, Phoebe Forbis and Charity Davis the sum of fity dollars each. I also give and bequeath unto my daughter Elinor Adams a negro woman named Jean. I also give to my grand daughter Aylee Adams one negro girl named Sarah. I also give and bequeath unto my grandson Noah Adams one negro boy named Sapio. I also give unto my grandson Jacob Adams one negro boy named Bob. I also give and bequeath unto my grandson Wilah Adams a negro girl named Lottie. And Ido hereby appoint my two sons Joseph and John Bryan executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills sand testaments made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of November 1804.
Joseph Bryan (Seal)
Signed, sealed and published as his last will and testament in the presence of us: Edward Cox Sr., David Enochs, Ephraim Hampton

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