Martha BRYAN

19 Mar 1736 - 23 Jul 1793

Father: Joseph Bryan SR.
Mother: Hester

Family 1 : Edward "Neddy" BOONE
  1.  Charity BOONE
  2.  Jane BOONE
  3. +Mary BOONE
  4.  George BOONE
  5.  Joseph BOONE
  6.  Sarah BOONE

                                      _Francis BRYAN _+
                     _Morgan BRYAN __|
                    |                |_Sarah BRINKER _
 _Joseph Bryan SR. _|
|                   |                 _Edward STRODE _+
|                   |_Martha STRODE _|
|                                    |________________
|--Martha BRYAN 
|                                     ________________
|                    ________________|
|                   |                |________________
|_Hester ___________|
                    |                 ________________

[435] Martha's will is on file in Clark Co., Kentucky PG 7/23/1793

Martha was the sister of Daniel's wife, Rebecca. They resided on Boone's Creek, Fayette County, KY after Edward's death. She died at her son George's place at the mouth of this creek. Thompson, 187. Will wigned by her May 12, 1793. Death date from Carter Ms (LDS film). Spraker, 70-72, 509, who also says mother was Alee Bryan. (probably an error). Martha's birthdate from Gloria Taylor, citing "Bryans, Nortons and Allied Families, by Elizabeth Cate Manly, 1978. Holding of Public Lirbary, San Antonio, Texas DD of Dec 5, 1793, F. Levasseur. Charles and Mary Bowen's "The Bryan Family" (unpub. mss), suggests Martha was b. 1737. This would make her 3 years older than Edward.

"The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p70: "Edward Boone (Squire; George), born 19 Nov. (O. S.), or 30 Nov. (N. S.), 1740, in Exeter
Township, Berks Co., Pa.; died 1780 in Ky. Married Martha Bryan (d. after 1793), daughter of
Joseph and Alee Bryan, and a sister of Rebecca Bryan, who married Daniel Boone. As a
small boy of about ten, Edward was taken with his parents in their migration from Pennsylvania,
to the Yadkin District of South Carolina, 1750-52, where it is very probable he was married, for
we know that the Bryan family lived in this same neighborhood, and it was here his brother
Daniel and Rebecca Bryan were married. It is thought too that his children were born in South
Carolina. It is not known certainly when he moved to Kentucky, but it is very probable that it was
in 1779, when Daniel Boone took out a large party, or perhaps even earlier. Of his life here,
nothing is known though several accounts of his death have been left by his nephews..."
p509-510: "Martha Bryan, m. Edward Boone (Squire; George), b. 19 Nov., 1740, in Exeter Township,
Berks Co.. Pa.; d. Oct., 1780, killed by Indians."

"The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapter 38: "Few of Boone's many losses and misfortunes seemed to affect him as did the loss of
this beloved brother, young Neddie Boone. Daniel and Neddie had married sisters, Rebecca and
Martha Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan, of the Yadkin country in North Carolina. Neddie
Boone was the ancestor of the Pike county Elledges and of many of the Scholls; numerous of the
Scholls also being descended directly from Daniel Boone, one of Abraham Scholl's brothers having
married a daughter of Daniel and another a daughter of Neddie."

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