William SCHOLL


____ - ABT 1800

Father: Jacob SCHOLL
Mother: Jane MORGAN

Family 1 : Leah MORGAN
  1.  Aaron SCHOLL
  2.  Elizabeth SCHOLL
  3.  Isaac SCHOLL
  4.  John SCHOLL
  5.  Rachel SCHOLL
  6.  Sarah "Sally" SCHOLL
  7. +Peter SCHOLL
  8.  Joseph SCHOLL
  9.  Jacob SCHOLL
  10.  Abraham SCHOLL

                |  |__
 _Jacob SCHOLL _|
|               |   __
|               |__|
|                  |__
|--William SCHOLL 
|                   __
|                __|
|               |  |__
|_Jane MORGAN __|
                |   __

[410] Wells and associated lines from a RootsWeb GEDCOM by Debbie Easom [DebbieRt44@msn.com].

"A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri"
William S. Bryan and Robert Rose
Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO, 1876
pp372-373 "Callaway County: Scholl"
"William Scholl, of England, married a Miss Morgan, and they had - Peter, Isaac, Aaron, Joseph,
John, Sally, Elizabeth, and Rachel."

"The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapter 101: "Peter Scholl was a son of William Scholl and Leah Morgan. Note: Some descendants have
claimed that William Scholl was twice married, that his first wife was a Van Meter who was the mother of Peter
Scholl and his brother Joseph. Scholl genealogies mention only Leah Morgan as a wife of William Scholl.
William Scholl was a son of Jacob Scholl and Jane Morgan, the latter a sister of Sarah Morgan who married
Squire Boone and became the mother of 11, among them Daniel, Edward, Jonathan and the second Squire,
who have figured prominently in this history. William Scholl, the father of Peter Scholl, was therefore a first
cousin of Edward Boone, the father of Mary and Charity Boone, the former of whom became the wife of Peter."
Chapter 45: "William Scholl, abiding for a while at Boone's Station, obtained and moved to 100 acres of land
about 12 miles from Lexington, on the Tate's Creek Pike, where he died about the turn of the century. He is known
to have been alive in 1795 and dead in 1803; his eldest son, Peter, was appointed administrator of his estate."

[411] [S6] Our Pioneer Ancestors

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