George William NEEDHAM

11 Nov 1805 - 20 Jan 1870

  • OCCUPATION: "Minister of the Gospel"
  • BIRTH: 11 Nov 1805, Fenner, Madison, NY
  • DEATH: 20 Jan 1870, near Tonganoxie, Ks
  • BURIAL: Wilderness Farm, near Tonganoxie, Ks
Father: John NEEDHAM
Mother: Betsy CUSHING

Family 1 : Risa Loretta TITUS
  • MARRIAGE: 8 Nov 1836, Hampton, Oneida, NY
  1. +Margaret Leonice NEEDHAM
  2.  George Jay NEEDHAM
  3. +Hawley Varnum NEEDHAM
  4. +Charles Fitch NEEDHAM
  5.  George William NEEDHAM
  6.  Caroline Olivia "Carrie" NEEDHAM
  7.  Lucy Evangeline NEEDHAM

                                      _William NEEDHAM ______+
                  _John NEEDHAM _____|
                 |                   |_Mehittable BLANCHARD _+
 _John NEEDHAM __|
|                |                    _David SHATTUCK _______+
|                |_Phebe SHATTUCK ___|
|                                    |_Dorothy VARNUM _______+
|--George William NEEDHAM 
|                                     _Hezekiah CUSHING _____+
|                 _Thomas CUSHING ___|
|                |                   |_Lydia JONES __________+
|_Betsy CUSHING _|
                 |                    _Benjamin TURNER ______+
                 |_Elizabeth TURNER _|
                                     |_Mercy TURNER _________+

[45] (Note that Fenner, NY is in modern-day Madison County, which was created
21 March 1806 from Chenango County. Fort Leavenworth and the city of Leavenworth,
KS were established in 1827; Leavenworth county was organized in 1855. The city of
Tonganoxie was formally platted in 1866. Kansas was admitted as a territory in 1854
and as a state in 1861.)

"History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY...1784-1880"
James H. Smith
D. Mason & Co, Syracuse, NY 1880, pp. 694-699

"Names and Sketches of the Pioneer Settlers of Madison Co, NY"
William H. Tuttle (1882-1956)
Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1984, p. 176

Child buried at Needham Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY; see:
"Cemetery Inscriptions of Madison County, NY", Vol 1
Mary K. Meyer and Joyce C. Scott
Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland, 1997
ISBN: 1-58549-706-1
Updated at
"Needham, Lucy E., infant daughter of Rev. George and Mrs. R.L. Needham, died at
Providence, RI, October 26, 1852, age 6 weeks"

1850 US Federal Census
Worcester Ward 5, Worcester, MA
Roll: M432_342, Page: 212

1860 US Federal Census
Loda, Iroquois, IL

1865 Illinois State Census
03 Jul 1865;
Artesia, Iroquois, IL
Roll: ILSC_2177 Line: 18

Letter from Hawley Varnum Needham to Paul R. Stewart
(then president of Waynesburg (PA) College)
22 Dec 1928
"Our father was Rev. George Needham, an Oberlin (OH) man, first connected with the
Congregational church, later with the Advent Christians, and later still with a Union
Congregational church in Ill. While living in Mass. and R.I. our father became intimately
acquainted with Rev. J. P. Weethee, later President of your college."

Reference to a pamphlet published by Rev. Needham is found in:
"The Midnight Cry: A Defense of the Character and Conduct of William
Miller and the Millerites, Who Mistakenly Believed that the Second
Coming of Christ Would Take Place in the Year 1844"
Francis D. Nichol
Review and Herald Publishing Assoc.
Washington, DC; 1945
"A faint echo of these charges is found in a now rare pamphlet of 135 pages entitled
'The Trial of Elder J. F. Himes Before the Chardon Street Church Together With a
Findication of the Course Taken by Prof. J. Page Weethee and Elder George Needham Relative to the Late
Difficulties. Published by Order of the Church.' This pamphlet was printed in 1850. It describes what is alleged
to be the trial of Himes before the Chardon Street Church on seven charges."

"Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America"
Lillian Drake Avery
Frederick H. Hitchcock, Grafton Press, New York, 1926
p. 64: "Rosa Loretta Titus, b. Feb. 18, 1817, Onondaga, N. Y.; d. Dec. 27, 1905,
m. Nov. 8, 1836, Hampton, N. Y., George Needham, clergyman, b. Nov. 11, 1805,
Fenner, Madison Co., N. Y.; d. Jan. 20, 1869, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, son of
John and Betsy (Cushing) Needham. Mr. Needham was a prominent temperance
and anti-slavery lecturer. He gave addresses in almost every town and school
district in Rhode Island in favor of the "Maine Liquor Law " in the '50's as well as
in Conn. and Mass. He was an Oberlin man."

Needham Family Genealogical Notes
Unpublished work; 1998
Virginia Joy Chism Nichols
Record #35

Needham Lineage and Genealogical Notes
Previously unpublished; 1962
Hawley Vincent Needham, Kathryne Lowe Needham Shepherd
Claims date of death was 20 Jan 1869.

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