22 Jun 1744 - 1829

  • BIRTH: 22 Jun 1744, Pepperill, Essex, MA
  • DEATH: 1829, Fenner, Madison, NY
Father: David SHATTUCK
Mother: Dorothy VARNUM

Family 1 : John NEEDHAM
  • MARRIAGE: 3 Mar 1768, Billerica, Middlesex, MA
  1.  Phoebe NEEDHAM
  2. +John NEEDHAM
  3.  William NEEDHAM
  4.  Dolly NEEDHAM
  5.  David NEEDHAM
  6.  Lydia NEEDHAM
  7.  Varnum NEEDHAM
  8. +Clarissa NEEDHAM

                                       _John SHATTUCK _____+
                   _Samuel SHATTUCK __|
                  |                   |_Ruth WHITNEY ______+
 _David SHATTUCK _|
|                 |                    _James M. BLOOD ____+
|                 |_Elizabeth BLOOD __|
|                                     |_Elizabeth LONGLEY _+
|--Phebe SHATTUCK 
|                                      _Samuel VARNUM _____+
|                  _John VARNUM ______|
|                 |                   |_Sarah LANGTON _____+
|_Dorothy VARNUM _|
                  |                    _Jonas PRESCOTT ____+
                  |_Dorothy PRESCOTT _|
                                      |_Mary LOCKER _______+

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to "David Shattuck and Dorothy")

"Vital Records of Billerica"
New England Historic Genealogical Society
in "Massachusetts Town Birth/Marriage Records"
(An intention was also recorded in "Vital Records of Dracut", 22 Oct 1767)

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Buried at Needham Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY; see:
"Cemetery Inscriptions of Madison County, NY", Vol 1
Mary K. Meyer and Joyce C. Scott
Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland, 1997
ISBN: 1-58549-706-1
Updated at
"Needham, Phebe, 'our Grand Mother' (on Enos Cushing lot), died 1829, age 84 years"
This is an update of "Cemetery Inscriptions of Madison County" by Meyer & Scott.

Needham Lineage and Genealogical Notes
Previously unpublished; 1962
Hawley Vincent Needham, Kathryne Lowe Needham Shepherd

"Genealogy of the Needham Family"
Thomas Cushing, M.D.

Needham Family Genealogical Notes
Unpublished work; 1998
Virginia Joy Chism Nichols
Record #25

Hawley & Kittie give the wedding date as 03 Mar 1768; "Shattuck Memorials" gives it
as 10 March 1774. Thomas Cushing gives the date of death as spring 1831. Be careful
of Cushing's work earlier than this. It's confused.

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