22 Mar 1742 - 1822

  • BIRTH: 22 Mar 1742, Billerica, Middlesex, MA
  • DEATH: 1822, Riga, Monroe Co, NY
  • BURIAL: Riga, Monroe Co, NY
Father: William NEEDHAM
Mother: Mehittable BLANCHARD

Family 1 : Phebe SHATTUCK
  • MARRIAGE: 3 Mar 1768, Billerica, Middlesex, MA
  1.  Phoebe NEEDHAM
  2. +John NEEDHAM
  3.  William NEEDHAM
  4.  Dolly NEEDHAM
  5.  David NEEDHAM
  6.  Lydia NEEDHAM
  7.  Varnum NEEDHAM
  8. +Clarissa NEEDHAM

                                             _John NEEDHAM _____
                         _John NEEDHAM _____|
                        |                   |_Hannah SAVILLE ___+
 _William NEEDHAM ______|
|                       |                    _Henry JEFTS ______+
|                       |_Mary JEFTS _______|
|                                           |_Mary BALDWIN _____+
|--John NEEDHAM 
|                                            _Samuel BLANCHARD _+
|                        _Thomas BLANCHARD _|
|                       |                   |_Hannah DAGGETT ___+
|_Mehittable BLANCHARD _|
                        |                    ___________________
                        |_Hannah GOWIN _____|

[61] "Vital Records of Billerica"
New England Historic Genealogical Society
in "Massachusetts Town Birth/Marriage Records"
(An intention was also recorded in "Vital Records of Dracut", 22 Oct 1767)

"History of Billerica, Massachusetts,
with a Genealogical Register"
Rev. Henry A. Hazen, Boston, MA, 1883.
pp. 99-100, NEEDHAM

U.S., Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900.
NARA microfilm publication M804, Archive Roll Number: 1804; Pages in Packet: 46
Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs,
Record Group 15. National Archives, Washington, D.C.
"...he was allowed pension on his application executed May 29, 1818, while seventy-five years of age and a resident of Genesee County, New York. He stated he enlisted at Billerica, Massachusetts, in the spring of 1777, as Sergeant in Captain Elijah Danforth's company, Colonel Nixon's regiment, Massachusetts Line, from which he was transferred to Colonel Lewis Nicola's Invalid regiment, Continental troops, (date not stated) and continued in the service until June 10, 1783, when he was discharged... on May 20, 1846, bounty land warrant #2392, issued for 100 acres of land on account of the soldier's services, for the benefit of his fourteen heirs...."

"Some Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Heirs"
William H. Dumont
NEHGR, v114, p182 (Jul 1960)
(Citing Bounty Land Script records)
"Needham, John, pri., cert. 11166. (also as serg. in Invalids Reg.) 1846 - heirs:
John Needham, Mercy Davis, Cornelia Haight, Dolly N. Bardwell, Milo, Thos.,
& Orlando Cushing, Emily Hyatt, Sally D. Hutchinson, Wm. Crosby, Phobe
Adams, Lydia Parmenter, Lemeva Wilkinson."

"Descendants of John Needham",
Robert Francis Needham,
Arlington, MA, 1934, p.14

"Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck",
Lemuel Shattuck,
Boston, MA, 1855, p. 103

"Genealogy of the Needham Family"
Thomas Cushing, M.D.

Needham Lineage and Genealogical Notes
Previously unpublished; 1962
Hawley Vincent Needham, Kathryne Lowe Needham Shepherd
From Hawley & Kittie: "Lived in Billerica, MA, Townsend, MA and Riga, NY;
Served four years in the Revolutionary War; Sergeant of a Massachusetts regiment;
served at Lexington, White Plains, Valley Forge and Yorktown; his regiment was the
last to be called into action. He served through the entire war and saw his home but
twice in that time."

Hazen, Hawley & Kittie and RF Needham give the wedding date as 03 Mar 1768;
Shattuck and Thomas Cushing give it as 10 March 1774.

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