____ - 1827

  • OCCUPATION: Merchant of Middletown, PA
  • BAPTISM: 15 Apr 1764, Readington, Somerset, NJ
  • DEATH: 1827
Father: Mordecai MCKINNEY
Mother: Agnes (Antje) BODINE

Family 1 : Mary "Polly" CHAMBERS
  • MARRIAGE: Jun 1795, Carlisle, Cumberland, PA
  1.  Mordecai MCKINNEY
  2.  William MCKINNEY
  3.  Elizabeth MCKINNEY
  4.  Jane C. MCKINNEY
  5.  Ellen B. MCKINNEY
  6.  Sarah Geddes MCKINNEY
  7.  Mary Ann MCKINNEY
  8.  John C. MCKINNEY
  9.  Edmund MCKINNEY

                                              _Farquar MCKINNEY ______
                         _Mordecai MCKINNEY _|
                        |                    |_Agnes LAUDER __________
 _Mordecai MCKINNEY ____|
|                       |                     _Jan Roelofsen SEBRING _
|                       |_Mary SEBRING ______|
|                                            |_Adriaentje POLHEMUS ___+
|--Mordecai MCKINNEY 
|                                             _Jean BODINE ___________+
|                        _Jacob BODINE ______|
|                       |                    |_Maria CROCHERON _______
|_Agnes (Antje) BODINE _|
                        |                     _Jan Roelofsen SEBRING _
                        |_Elizabeth SEBRING _|
                                             |_Adriaentje POLHEMUS ___+

[3112] "Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney"
Gerald McKinney Petty and Eulah McKinney Ridgway
Scotch Plains, NJ: 1953
"From the Readington Baptismal Records (SCHQ 5):
McKinney, Martichay and Angenetje - Martichai, April 15, 1764."
"Mordecai McKinney, baptized April 15, 1764, Readington, New Jersey; d. 1827.
[Married] Mary (Polly) Chambers, b. 1770/1, m. June 18, 1795, d. 1865, Indianapolis,
Indiana, bur. Crown Hill cem."
"Mordecai McKinney was a pvt. minute man...during the Revolutionary War. Later
he was a shipper and (textile) mill owner, Wilmington and Newport, Delaware. He
was ruined financially by the War of 1812."

Marriages and Deaths from:
"The Carlisle Gazette and the Western Repository of Knowledge"
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1786-1800
Mordecai McKinney, Groom, 17 Jun 1795
"June 24, 1795: Married Thursday evening last by Rev. Dr. Davidson, at
the farm of Col. Chambers. Mordecai McKinney of Middletown."

"Marriage Record of the First Presbyterian Church, at Carlisle 1785-1812"
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810, Volume 1
Pennsylvania Marriages to 1810
"1795, June 17, McKinney, Mordecai, and Polly Chambers"

Afrolumens Project: Central PA African-American History
Harrisburg Cemetery Black History Perspectives
"Mordecai's parents were Mordecai and Mary "Polly" (Chambers), and his grandfather
was also named Mordecai McKinney. The father, Mordecai McKinney of Middletown was
a merchant, and owned a store in that town...His mother, Mary, was the daughter of Colonel
William Chambers of Middleton Township, Cumberland County..."

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