9 May 1643 - 1736

  • BIRTH: 9 May 1643, Medis, Saintonge, France
  • DEATH: 1736, NY
Father: Jean BODINE

Family 1 : Maria CROCHERON
  • MARRIAGE: 11 Jan 1680, "Midwout", Flatbush, NY
  1.  Catalina BODINE
  2.  Vincent BODINE
  3. +Jacob BODINE
  4.  Peter BODINE
  5.  Sarah BODINE
  6.  Abraham BODINE
  7.  Isaac BODINE
  8.  Francis BODINE
Family 2 : Esther BRIDON

               |  |__
 _Jean BODINE _|
|              |   __
|              |__|
|                 |__
|--Jean BODINE 
|                  __
|               __|
|              |  |__
               |   __

[3086] Please see the notes for the elder Jean Bodine for an explanation of the tangled
relationships of the various Jean Bodines and Esther Bridon.

See "Dave's Bodine Genealogy Web Site"
Dave Bodine []
(This very thoroughly researched site includes an essay by Ronny Bodine attempting
to untangle the relationships of the various Jean Bodines, as mentioned above.)

"Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s"
Filby, P. William, edit., Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Research, 2003.
"The Huguenots or Early French in New Jersey"
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"Jean Bodine, 1677, New York, with son Jean"

"Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine
and Allied Families"
Mary Elizabeth Sinnott
JB Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA, 1905.
"Jean Bodine was, according to a tradition universal in the family, born
at Medis, France, 9 May, 1643, and naturalized at London, England, 21
March, 1652, with second wife Esther, her parents, Francis and Jane
Susan Bridon, and Francis Bridon, their son. For a short period he
resided at Rye, in Sussex, where at least two of his children were born,
after which he emigrated to the New World, possibly joining his father
on Staten Island, and was living in the latter place at his father's
death in 1695... He married (1) --- Crocheron, whose father, John
Crocheron, was among the emigres to Staten Island, and who, by his will
of 13 December, 1695, described himself as of great age, and bequeathed
his estate to his wife Mary, eldest son Nicholas, son Anthony, and to
his "other children." The son Nicholas Crocheron did not long survive
his father, and his will, dated 10 February, 1702. gave half his
paternal estate to his "nephews and nieces, the children of John Bodine
by his first wife"... Jean Bodine married (2), probably in England,
Esther, the daughter of Francis Bridon, who was naturalized in London,
and who may have accompanied his son-in-law to New York, where he died
in May, 1704..."

"The Ancestry of Garret Conrad Van Wagnen"
Frank L. Van Wagnen
Buffalo, N.Y., 1946
(NB: Van Wagnen relies heavily on, but questions, Mary Elizabeth Sinnott's "Annals
of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine and Allied Families" of 1905.)
"Jean Bodine, born, according to a tradition universal in the family, at
Medis, France, May 9, 1645, and naturalized in London, England March 21,
1682 with his (second) wife Esther Bridon...
"He married (first) [Maria] Crocheron, the record of whose ancestry is
included in the Crocheron chapter. He appears to have had five sons by
this marriage, (However, Sinnott states there were possibly other
children, her assertion probably having been influenced by the will of
Nicolas Crocheron, brother of Jean's first wife, in which he bequeaths
half his paternal estate to his "nephews and nieces, the children of
Jean Bodine by his first wife". This would indicate that in addition to
the five sons from this marriage, there were also daughters).
(Collections of the N. Y. Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills,
vol. 1, p. 445, recorded in liber 7, p. 410)...
"Jean Bodine married (as his second wife) Esther Bridon, who was the
daughter of Francis and Jean Susanna Briaon. Miss Sinnott lists five
children by this marriage, three sons and two daughters, one daughter
having been born in 1680 and a son in 1681, at Rye in Sussex, England.
The will of one of the five, John Bodine, dated Jan. 2, 1707, and proved
June 19, 1724, names his two brothers and two sisters as heirs. (No
reference is made to any of the five sons of his father by the first
marriage, a fact which appears to rule out any possibility that any of
them could have been children by the second marriage instead. The first
group with the exception of Vincent - who lived in New York - was
identified closely with Somerset County, NJ, while the second group was
identified with Staten Island and New York, These facts suggest there
was little in common between the groups, and lend support to this
writer's opinion that the line with which this chapter is concerned,
stems from the first marriage of Jean)...
"(The given name of Jean Bodine's first wife is not given in Miss
Sinnott's account. It has been given, however, in Lee's Genealogical and
Memorial History of the State of New Jersey, vol. 4 p. 1368, as Maria
Crocheron, and the date of marriage as Jan. 11, 1680. Without doubt,
this is based on the record appearing in a list of Flatbush Church
records, in the Holland Society Yearbook for 1898, at page 88, Maria's
surname being given as "Crossron"...)."

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