Adriaentje POLHEMUS


ABT 1644 - AFT 1685

  • BIRTH: ABT 1644, Island of Itamarca, Brazil
  • DEATH: AFT 1685, NY
Father: Johannes Theodorus POLHEMIUS
Mother: Catharina VAN WERVEN

Family 1 : Jan Roelofsen SEBRING
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1660, Brazil
  1.  Cornelius SEBRING
  2.  Ida SEBRING
  3.  Lucas SEBRING
  4.  Johannes SEBRING
  5.  Roelof Janse SEBRING
  6. +Elizabeth SEBRING
  7.  Catherine SEBRING
  8.  Daniel SEBRING
  9. +Mary SEBRING

                                |  |__
 _Johannes Theodorus POLHEMIUS _|
|                               |   __
|                               |__|
|                                  |__
|--Adriaentje POLHEMUS 
|                                   __
|                                __|
|                               |  |__
|_Catharina VAN WERVEN _________|
                                |   __

[3066] "The Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemius and Some of his Descendants"
I. Heyward Peck
NYGBR v90 p171 (Jul 1959)
"Children of Rev. Johannes Theodoruss Polhemius no. 1, the oldest probably by an
unknown first wife, and the rest by Catharina Van Werven:
Adrianna, b. abt. 1644, probably on the island of Itamarca, Brazil; d. before
1702. Algemeen Nederlandisch Familieblad, vols. 5 and 6 contain the baptismal
records of the Dutch in Brazil but apparently covers only those at Recif. There
are no Polhemus baptisms recorded probably because Domine Polhemua spent most
of his time on Itamarca. About 1661 Adrianna mar. Jan Roeloffsen Sebring b. in
Drenthe, Holland, in 1631 who had emigrated to America with his brother-in-law
Steven Coerte Van Voorhees aboard De Bonte Koe in April 1660. He settled in
Flatbush, L. I., and attended the Dutch Church there where his father-in-law
preached. On March 6, 1674, he conveyed to the Rev. Polhemus 24 morgens of
land in Flatbush which he had bought of Cornelius Smallwood and on May 17,
1681, he sold the balance of his property there and removed to Bergen, N. J.
On Oct. 2,1682, he and his wife were received into the Dutch Church there by
certificate from the church in Midwout (Bergen Dutch Church recs.). They had
seven children:
(a) Cornelius Sebring b. abt. 1662; mar. Aeltje Fredriks Lubbertse.
(b) Ida Sebring b. abt. 1664, in Midwout; mar. Isaac Billew.
(c) Lucas Sebring b. abt. 1666, in Midwout; mar. Marritje Dorland.
(d) Roelof Sebring b. abt. 1675; mar. Christyntje Volkert.
(e) Elizabeth Sebring bap. June 8, 1677, in the Brooklyn Dutch Church.
(f) Daniel Sebring bap. July 2, 1682 (HSYB: 1898: 125).
(g) Johannes Sebring b. ---
(Wilson and Allied Fams., 1929, pp. 140-44)."

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