1796 - 17 Dec 1867

  • OCCUPATION: Attorney and Judge; Abolitionist
  • BIRTH: 1796, Carlisle, Cumberland, PA
  • DEATH: 17 Dec 1867, Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA
Father: Mordecai MCKINNEY
Mother: Mary "Polly" CHAMBERS

Family 1 : Rachel GRAYDON

                                                  _Mordecai MCKINNEY _+
                          _Mordecai MCKINNEY ____|
                         |                       |_Mary SEBRING ______+
 _Mordecai MCKINNEY _____|
|                        |                        _Jacob BODINE ______+
|                        |_Agnes (Antje) BODINE _|
|                                                |_Elizabeth SEBRING _+
|--Mordecai MCKINNEY 
|                                                 ____________________
|                         _William CHAMBERS _____|
|                        |                       |____________________
|_Mary "Polly" CHAMBERS _|
                         |                        ____________________

[3327] Afrolumens Project: Central PA African-American History
Harrisburg Cemetery Black History Perspectives
"At that point, the slave's only hope of remaining free lay with one of a few
rare lawyers who allied themselves with the underground movement.
Harrisburg judge and lawyer Mordecai McKinney became one of those
men after the passage of the federal Fugitive Slave Act of 1850."

"Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, PA"
Chambersburg, PA; 1896
Dauphin County Pennsylvania Transcription Project (2000-2001).

"Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans. Volumes I-X"
Johnson, Rossiter, ed., Boston, MA: The Biographical Society, 1904.
"McKINNEY, Mordecai, lawyer, was born near Carlisle, Pa., in 1796, son of Mordecai and
Mary (Chambers) McKinney, and a grandson of Col. William Chambers. He was graduated
from Dickinson college, Pa., in 1814, studied law with Judge Duncan of Carlisle, was admitted
to the Dauphin county bar in May, 1817, and settled in practice in Harrisburg, Pa. He was
district attorney of Union county, Pa., 1821-24; clerk to the county commissioners of Dauphin
county, Pa., 1824-27, and was appointed associate judge of Dauphin county by Governor
Shulze, Oct. 23, 1827, he subsequently turned his attention to the compilation and publication
of law books. He was married to Rachel, daughter of William Graydon, of Harrisburg, Pa.
He is the author of: The Pennsylvania Justice of the Peace (2 vols., 1839); A Digest of the Acts
of Assembly of Pennsylvania from 1700 to 1840 (1841); The United States Constitutional Manual (1845);
The American Magistrate and Civil Officer (1850, new ed., 2 vols., 1858); Pennsylvania Tax Laws (1850);
A Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania relative to Banks and Bankers (1854), and Our Government:
A Manual for Popular Use (1856), he died at Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 17, 1867."

See also, for a similair biography:
"Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century"
Herringshaw, Thomas William. Chicago, IL: American Publishers' Association, 1902.

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