ABT 1684 - 1748

  • BIRTH: ABT 1684, Staten Island, Richmond, NY
  • DEATH: 1748, Hunterdon, NJ
Father: Jean BODINE
Mother: Maria CROCHERON

Family 1 : Elizabeth SEBRING
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1710, Somerset, NJ
  1.  Ariantje BODINE
  2.  Mary (Maryken) BODINE
  3.  John (Jan) BODINE
  4.  John (Jaentien) BODINE
  5.  Jacob BODINE
  6.  Catherine (Catharina) BODINE
  7. +Agnes (Antje) BODINE
  8.  Cornelius BODINE
  9.  Peter BODINE

                    _Jean BODINE _|
                   |              |__
 _Jean BODINE _____|
|                  |               __
|                  |______________|
|                                 |__
|--Jacob BODINE 
|                                  __
|                   ______________|
|                  |              |__
|_Maria CROCHERON _|
                   |               __

[3072] See "Dave's Bodine Genealogy Web Site"
Dave Bodine [Dave@MediterraneanAccents.com]
(This is a very thoroughly researched site. Be certain to follow the "Notes"
links out of the family trees to find a great deal of background information.)

Family Data Collection
Edmund West, comp.; The Generations Network, Inc., 2001.
Birth: Jacob Bodine; Parents: Jean Bodine , Marie Crocheron; Staten Island, NY; 1684 (or 1690)
Marriage: Jacob John Bodine; Elizabeth Sebring; 1710; Somerset CO, NJ
Death: Jacob John Bodine; 1748; Hunterdon, NJ

"Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine and Allied Families"
Mary Elizabeth Sinnott
JB Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA, 1905.
(Note that Sinnott is confused by the name "Elizabeth" being rendered in Dutch as "Lubetze".
Later baptismal records of her children strongly suggest that this was, in fact, Elizabeth Sebring.)
"Jacob Bodine, was a member of the Raritan Dutch Church in 1711. In 1716 he was licensed to
keep an inn in Middlesex County, which, if he ever carried it on, must have been sufficiently near
to Somerville to allow him to maintain relations with the Raritan church, where all his children were
baptized. He died intestate in Hunterdon County in 1748, and his estate was administered upon by
his widow, Catherine, on 23 May of that year. His first wife, Elizabeth, the mother of all his children,
and whom he married about 1710, was probably Elizabeth Lubetze. He married (2) Catherine ------,
who survived him, and who married Roelef Roelefson. Children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Lubetze?) Bodine:
i. Mary Bodine, baptized 25 April, 1711.
ii. John Bodine, baptized 4 October, 1714; died young,
iii. St. Jantien Bodine, baptized 22 August, 1716.
iv. Jacob Bodine, baptized 5 April, 1719.
v. Catherine Bodine, baptized 2 April, 1721.
vi, Cornelius Bodine, baptized 29 September, 1723.
vii. Antje Bodine, baptized 27 August, 1726."

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