Jun 1705 - Jan 1785

  • BIRTH: Jun 1705, Beverly, Essex, MA
  • BAPTISM: 5 Oct 1712, Beverly, Essex, MA
  • DEATH: Jan 1785, Tolland, Tolland, CT
  • BURIAL: Tolland Cemetery
Father: Richard INGERSOLL
Mother: Ruth DODGE

Family 1 : Zipporah SMITH
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1743, Tolland, CT
  1.  Sarah INGERSOLL
  2. +Ebenezer INGERSOLL
  3.  Richard INGERSOLL
  4.  Ruth INGERSOLL
  5.  Lois INGERSOLL
  6.  Thomas INGERSOLL
  7.  Mehitable INGERSOLL
  8.  Josiah (Joseph) INGERSOLL
  9.  Hannah INGERSOLL
  10.  Mehitable INGERSOLL
  11.  John INGERSOLL
  12.  Isaac INGERSOLL

                                           _John INGERSOLL _+
                      _Richard INGERSOLL _|
                     |                    |_Judith FELTON __+
 _Richard INGERSOLL _|
|                    |                     _________________
|                    |_Sarah _____________|
|                                         |_________________
|--Richard INGERSOLL 
|                                          _William DODGE __+
|                     _John DODGE ________|
|                    |                    |_Elizabeth ______
|_Ruth DODGE ________|
                     |                     _John PROCTOR ___
                     |_Sarah PROCTOR _____|
                                          |_Martha HARPER __

[488] Data from Rick Ingersoll,

"Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America"
Lillian Drake Avery
Frederick H. Hitchcock, Grafton Press, New York, 1926
pp. 27-28: "Richard Ingersoll (Richard, Richard, John, Richard), born June, 1705;
bapt. Oct. 5, 1712 at Salem, Mass. The next mention of his name is in several deeds
given in 1733 and another given May 17, 1735 when Ruth Ingersoll, widow, John Ingersoll,
and Richard Ingersoll, cordwainers, all of Salem, and Sarah, wife of John, sell to Benjamin
Gerrish a house and lot in Salem, formerly Richard Ingersoll's. He evidently followed the
Cresseys and his brother John to Connecticut. He located in Tolland County and probably
married there about 1743-4, Zipporah Smith, born Mar. 3, 1726; died Feb., 1815. About 1773
or 4 he removed to Petersham, Mass.; bought land and a mill and carried on the business of
a farmer and miller until 1778 or 9, when he returned to Tolland and died there Jan., 1785
(headstone). Mrs. Zipporah Ingersoll married about 1789, Deacon Ebenezer Mason of the
Ashford (Conn.) church. He died about 1800. Zipporah (Ingersoll) Mason is buried by the side
of Richard Ingersoll in the Tolland cemetery."

"More on the Smiths of Ashford, Connecticut"
Helen Schatvet Ullman
Connecticut Nutmegger, v36, pp559-564 (Mar 2004)
"Zipporah Smith did not marry William Watkins. She married (1) about 1744, as his second
wife, Richard Ingersoll of Tolland, Connecticut. After his death in January 1785 at age
76, Zipporah married (2), about 4 December 1789, Deacon Ebenezer Mason of Ashford, brother
of Zipporah's sister Sarah's husband, Solomon Mason. Zipporah died on 20 February 1815 at
age 89 and was buried beside her first husband in Tolland."

"The Probable Identity of Ruth Dodge, Wife of Richard Ingersoll..."
Janna Bennington Larson
The American Genealogist, v79, p278 (Oct 2004)
"RICHARD INGERSOLL, b June 1705, bp. 1st Church, Beverly, 5 Oct. 1712, d. Jan. 1785;
m. Zipporah Smith."

Historical Collections of the Essex Institute
Vol. 52, No. 2, p. 192 (Apr 1916)
T.A. Skilton, "Note On Ingersoll Genealogy"

"Tolland Cemetery Records"
from "Connecticut Headstones"
Charles R. Hale, State Necrologist
"INGERSOLL, Richard, d Jan. 1785, 76 yrs"
"INGERSOLL, Thomas, d Jan. 19, 1786, 26 yrs"

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